Video: Mayor Daniel Quintero denounces aggression during Maluma’s concert in Medellín

In the middle of Maluma’s concert in Medellín, Mayor Daniel Quintero pointed out that he was attacked by the public present at the Atanasio Girardot stadium. PHOTOS: Colprensa / Via Twitter (puntodevistardb)

During Maluma’s concert, held last Saturday, April 30, several characters from national life were captured, and while some were applauded, others received criticism. This was the case of Mayor of Medellin, Daniel Quintero.

The president stated on his Twitter account that received several attacks and insults by part of the public present at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium. Through a video he gave an account of the boos, he even showed that a bottle of water was thrown at him, while he received expletives from some attendees.

In a trill published this Sunday afternoon, he pointed out that “While I was making a tour from 2 boxes they were aggressive, they threw water and touched my face”. Likewise, he indicated that as he was booed, he answered “with respect” and explained the reasons, adding that he represents a “mayor of change” and that is why he was received that way.

“I responded with respect and understanding for his level of alcoholism and for understanding that a Mayor of change offends those who believed themselves to be the bosses of the city,” Quintero Calle expressed along with the video where several attendees are also shown making gestures of gun Mayor.

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In addition, it is seen that Quintero tries to talk with some of the attendees who approached him, failing in his attempt because his escorts prevent him from staying longer in that part of the stadium. However, the one he would have spoken with was Alejandra Navarro, a social media personality who pointed out that the mayor allegedly approached him and said “you are here for me.”

“I don’t like to talk about politics and even less on the networks, I never do, but I’m going to tell you one thing: yesterday’s concert was incredible, it’s a shame that the mayor we have hasto such an arrogant and self-centered attitude towards people who, suddenly, do not love him so much”, the influencer pointed out.

Next, the video where Daniel Quintero points out that he was attacked:

Through his Twitter profile, the mayor of Medellín Daniel Quintero pointed out that he was insulted and booed by the public at Maluma’s concert. VIDEO: Via Twitter (@QuinteroCalle)

On the other hand, the mayor of the capital of Antioquia did not hesitate to show his pleasure on social networks with Maluma’s concert in the city, and through Twitter he showed two videos: in the first, he expresses that Medellín is written “with M for Madonna and Maluma”, while in another he celebrates the economic impact that this presentation brought to the capital this weekend.

“A concert like Maluma’s yesterday represents a before and after for the entertainment industry in Colombia. And more are coming.” Quintero Calle said on Twitter.

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And it is that the concert that was part of his ‘Medallo en el mapa’ tour, served not only to fulfill that premise but also achieved important figures in financial matters: according to the Medellín mayor’s office, the event managed to hotel occupancy will reach 85% and rentals will be produced for more than 9 million dollars for consumption of goods and services.

“This week full of good news for the businessmen and merchants of Medellín closed with the Maluma concert at the Atanasio Girardot, which left the city with more than 9 million dollars in economic benefits and a hotel occupancy rate of 95%”, confirmed the district government through a statement.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the concert was attended by more than 52 thousand people, many of them from other cities in Colombia; hence the high level of hotel occupancy.


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Video: Mayor Daniel Quintero denounces aggression during Maluma’s concert in Medellín