Video: Marc Anthony’s strange jaw movement in concert

Marc Anthony, one of the most acclaimed salsa singers in the world, became the topic of conversation on social networks after he was seen with a somewhat worn appearance in full concert, on December 11.

On stage he did strange movements with jaw.

In the video, which has been circulating a few days ago on the networks, JLo’s ex-husband sings ‘Soy Yo’ with great emotion. He invites his fans to join in chanting the verses of the song.

The singer Marc Anthony during his presentation in Viña del Mar, in 2019.

However, when he approached the divider that divides the stage from the sector where the spectators were, an amateur who was filming him from the front managed to capture the strange jaw movement performed by the musician.

The gesture did not make a good impression on the audience and much less on public opinion, as it is speculated that the singer-songwriter could be under the effect of some hallucinogen that led to his strange behavior.

“He almost bit his ear” Y “He has so much flow that even his jaw wants to go out dancing”are some of the comments of Internet users who do not stop talking about the event with ironic and funny notes.

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Worth noting what bruxismUnconscious movement of the jaw and teeth is a recurrent symptom in people who use cocaine derivatives and some ecstasy.

However, they are still mere speculation, as the singer was able to continue with the concert without problems.

A debate in networks for his physique?

After the images of the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter were known, another debate was unleashed on social networks about his physique, as some of his fans expressed their concern by arguing that “He looks very thin and haggard.”

One aspect to highlight was the absence of the traditional dark glasses during its presentation. His fans are not used to seeing him without this accessory, almost indispensable.

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Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony in his last presentation.

Internet users pointed out that, without the glasses, they could see the dark circles and the fatigue on his face.

“What happened to him?” “It’s sad to see him like this, a great talent is fading” and “I thought it was Don Ramón”, some users of social networks pointed out.

Although everything resides in the ‘rumor mill’ of social networks, the matter was not a minor issue and throughout December Marc’s fans are only wondering about the status of their great teacher.

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony in concert in Las Vegas in 2019.


Armando Arorizo. EFE

With 53 years, the Puerto Rican-American Marc Anthony is a great musical exponent. He has stood out for his themes in the genre of salsa, pop, and even bolero and ballads.

His most recognized singles include ‘Your love makes me good’, ‘Pale flower’ and ‘Vivir mi vida’.

On a sentimental level, probably the artist’s most remembered relationship was with his colleague Jennifer Lopez. They were together from 2004 – after the formalization of the divorce between Anthony and ex-queen Dayanara Torres – until 2011.

Jennifer López 50 years 9

Marc Anthony and Jennifer López.

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Their separation back then ‘shocked’ show business. It is known that later, although they did not remain as ‘best friends’, they do maintain a friendly relationship thinking, above all, of the two children who are the fruit of the union.

Currently, according to what some media specialized in entertainment, Anthony is dating the Brazilian influencer Madu Nicola.

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Video: Marc Anthony’s strange jaw movement in concert