Video l In full concert, Rosalía changed Versace glasses for a kiss

A few weeks ago, Rosalía was in Colombia and her presentation generated a lot of expectation among her fans in the country. during his Show at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá, the interpreter of well-known songs such as Biscuit, Last night, Disappointed, Fame, among others, he could notice the affection of the attendees.

As a sign of affection, some gave the Spanish artist pandebonos and a t-shirt with Shakira’s face. This happened in Colombia, but the Motomami World Tour that will go until December has toured other territories and Rosalía has found flashy gifts.

Rosalía exposed an expensive gift from a fan in the middle of the concert and returned it

In the middle of his world tour, a video at one of the concerts has gone viral. Although it is not known exactly where it went, what the Spanish singer did for a gift is seen. During one of her songs, it could be seen that a fan threw a small box at her that reached the feet of the artist while on the stage. The singer grabbed the box and, upon opening it, she was very surprised. They were luxury sunglasses and the Spanish woman knew it as soon as she saw them.

However, despite knowing the value of the striking gift, in the video it can be seen that Rosalía did not hesitate for a second in what she should do and immediately began to search the public for the person who had bought her such a gift for give it back

“This is too much. I have to return it, but I will return it with a kiss (…) These are the Versace that are not imitation, guys, they are real. I’m going to give you the glasses back because they’re too pretty.” It should be noted that at another concert, she even received an engagement ring.

Juan Luis Guerra announced a new concert date in Colombia

Juan Luis Guerra announced that he will have a second date in Bogotá after all the tickets for the first one were sold out, which is on November 25. The second concert of the Dominican artist will also be at the Movistar Arena on November 27 as part of his tour Between sea and palm trees, and already several users on social networks expressed their joy at this notice. Juan Luis is all the rage in Colombia.

The same artist shared on his Instagram account the good news of his second recital in the country’s capital. And it is that Juan Luis Guerra in Colombia feels like a bee in his honeycomb, as his song would say, thanks to the affection that his followers in the coffee country have shown him. The anteroom will be huge.

The Colombians once again demonstrated all the affection they feel for the interpreter of ‘Estrellitas y duendes’ by selling out all the tickets for the first date; This, without a doubt, filled the entire team that has been working hand in hand with the artist with emotion.

“We are happy, there could be no better way to return to Colombia than with two dates to celebrate the reunion of Juan Luis Guerra with his audience, we are sure that these two nights will be unforgettable”affirmed José Chabebe, regional director of operations for SD Concerts.

Attendees will enjoy the most classic themes of the artist. The Movistar Arena will surely become a huge dance floor so that fans of the singer-songwriter can enjoy songs like Visa for a dream, The bilirubin, The Niagara by bike, The wasps, among others. The steps are listed.

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Video l In full concert, Rosalía changed Versace glasses for a kiss