VIDEO: Kevin Roldán experienced distressing moments on a plane: “we almost killed ourselves”

Kevin Roldán has been for the last 10 years, one of the references of urban music in Colombia. Among his most successful songs are PPP, Up Down, Forbidden Woman, among other. In 2020 he founded his own music label, King Records, with which he helps new artists emerge. The singer Ryan Castro has been one of them.

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Kevin Roldán worried his fans. What happened?

In the last few hours, the man from Cali published a video on his social networks that caused concern among his followers, as he appeared quite distressed and very nervous. Hours before, the artist had shown himself showing off his look, before getting on his private plane, as he was preparing to go on a trip.

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“My people almost killed each other, I’m shaking… Thank you, thank you my God”, says the artist, while looking obviously distressed. Immediately, he posted another video confirming that he could not make the trip he had planned due to the inconvenience that he experienced in his luxurious jet, although he did not specifically clarify what had happened. “We couldn’t travel. Something super serious happened on the flight and we almost killed ourselves. Thank God we are fine, God is very great, “ said the 29-year-old Caleño. Apparently, the plane would have had some technical failure, causing a great disturbance not only for the artist, but for his companion on the flight, who is also heard in the background thanking God because they were fine.

A few hours ago, Roldán posted a new image on his Instagram profile, where he has 10.8 million followers. There, he looks out the window of a room along with the first rays of sunlight of the day. To accompany the photo he wrote: “Thank you, my God, for a new dawn, uf you don’t know how I’m evaluating getting up and having health and life.”

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The clip It has already gone viral on social networks and some users have left their comments. “It had to be a very strong scare”, “what a scare, I would have fainted”, “I don’t see it bad. It is a stormy experience”, “Glory to God they were saved”, “a wake-up call. It is time for you to put your priorities in order.”

Kevin has also received some criticism for recording after the scare he experienced. For many, his attitude was not the right one. “They almost killed each other and the first thing that occurs to them is to record”, “tremendous scare and the first thing that occurs to them is to take out the cell phone”, “don’t scrub, first they take out the phone, how far have we come”, “a scared one. .. Do you even have time to record? What a lora”.

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VIDEO: Kevin Roldán experienced distressing moments on a plane: “we almost killed ourselves”