VIDEO: Katy Perry goes viral with a fun concert next to a giant bathroom

Katy Perry officially gave him the let’s Play, his long-awaited concert residency in the city of Las Vegas. As expected, it was a complete success, with a full capacity on its return to the stage. In addition, it quickly went viral on social networks for the curious sets that accompany it during the concert.

In particular, a striking moment in which the singer performs one of his biggest hits next to a giant bathroom. In addition, accompanied by giant toilet paper and even waste that comes out of this striking toilet. What’s more, the concert in general was full of curious moments that the networks did not delay in discussing.

Katy Perry arrives in Las Vegas

On December 29, Katy Perry kicked off her home in the city of Las Vegas and She did it as only an artist like her could. With maximalism ahead, I interpreted it by Firework filled the stage with colorful sets, dozens of dancers and must-see visuals.

One of the most striking without a doubt is when the interpreter sang her great success California Gurls. And is that Katy Perry did it by stepping out of a giant bath, accompanied by a huge tub and even toilet paper that they decorated the Las Vegas stage. As if this were not enough, he sang it in collaboration with an animated excrement.

The original video racked up more than 500,000 views on Twitter, with fans celebrating Katy Perry’s classic humor. It should be noted that this is not the only striking moment, since his Las Vegas show is full of fun scenarios and dances that rescue the funny aesthetic of the singer.

This includes Katy Perry and her dancers. disguised as mushrooms, descending a huge staircase, on top of a snail, singing along with a giant sanitary mask, on a wooden pony and celebrating the LGBTQ + community with a huge rainbow.

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VIDEO: Katy Perry goes viral with a fun concert next to a giant bathroom