Video: Karol G suffered a mishap in the middle of the concert and ended up without a skirt

Carol G continues to conquer the entire world, because this year she achieved one of the greatest achievements of her career, being the first Colombian woman to perform at Coachella, one of the most important music festivals in the world.

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But the singer did not stop there and started a new world tour, which she calls ‘Strip Love Tour‘ and with which it has already toured several countries, demonstrating its international success.

What happened to Karol G?

In the United States, the artist has managed to fulfill several dreams, but it has also been one of the countries where she has enjoyed her tour and her free time.

During her last show, the paisa went through a small mishap. This time she had nothing to do with a fall or a trip, but with her outfit.

The Colombian was on stage, performing one of her songs when from one moment to another and quickly part of the suit she was wearing fell off.

As she continued dancing and singing, the skirt that was tied around her waist fell off, leaving only her underwear. The video that was released through social networks already has thousands of views and hundreds of comments.

There, several of Karol G’s followers applauded the attitude of one of her dancers, because in a second part of the video it was possible to see when she danced to put on her skirt and continue with the concert.

“What a great team Karol has, she will always be a queen”; “She is the best, she is a true artist, I adore her”; “Karol G is too professional, she continued with the show even though her skirt fell off”; “The dancer who helped her is beautiful”; “I adore her, I want her to continue growing as an artist, she is the best”, were some comments from users.

What is the name of Karol G’s new partner?

Carol G and Anuel, who ended their relationship in mid-April 2021, made all their fans love to see them together, even in concerts. But after confirming her breakup and even the singer’s marriage to paisa, rumors of a new love surrounded her.

The interpreter of ‘Provenza’ has been linked to several celebrities, although no romance has been confirmed. After linking it with James Rodriguez and with pheidhis colleague from the urban genre, ‘la bichota’ was discovered on a trip with another Colombian.

the gossip show love and fire revealed a video where the singer is seen walking with a mysterious man, but the same followers of the urban artist were in charge of discovering her identity.

It is nothing more and nothing less than Pipe Calderon. The Colombian singer accompanied Karol G on his tour of Peru and the two took the opportunity to tour the streets of Ica, the same city where the reggaeton artist did two concerts.

However, they are all rumours, because “the bichota” has not yet been officially known as a couple and she has not referred to the subject either.

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Video: Karol G suffered a mishap in the middle of the concert and ended up without a skirt