Video: Drunk, Ana del Castillo kissed a follower and showed more in a concert

Once again the singer Ana del Castillo It is something to speak of for his behavior during a concert he presented this weekend, as part of a political event in the municipality of Fonseca, in La Guajira.

His participation became a trend in social networks due to the agglomeration he caused and the shows he starred in after drinking.

In one of the videos that were broadcast on the different digital platforms, it is observed how the artist interprets with feeling a song by Wilfran Castillo, This is why several of her followers began to speculate about her possible love break with her boyfriend.

According to the newspaper Weather, Ana del Castillo was invited to the event by candidate for mayor Gala Martínez.

The concert caused controversy due to the number of people in the place, in addition to seeing the Vallenata singer close to several of them without any biosecurity measure.

The artist also appeared dancing with the renowned reggaeton Titus and the Child, and was seen taking a drink while making his presentation.

As if that were not enough when he tried to get on the platform with the help of several men, he ended up showing more than necessary to the entire public, by raising the shorts that he was wearing with one of his hands, exposing part of his rear and driving the concert goers crazy with his act.

In the images there was a moment that attracted a lot of attention and that was when Ana del Castillo gave a kiss to a follower on a stage.

Screenshot. Photo: Instagram

The event unleashed several criticisms due to the crowding of people and for the show that the artist gave, which on several occasions has been the subject of conversation in the media for her “parties” and “past drinking” shows.