[Video] Colombian actress denounced that she was detained in immigration Mexico

The renowned actress vivian santos He denounced that on June 14 he suffered one of the most distressing moments of his life, when a tourist trip to Mexico ended up being a scene of anguish and fear.

Last Wednesday of when he arrived in Mexican territory, Santos had a first meeting with the Immigration agents who initially asked him for the papers that would support his trip to the country, however, hours went by and your entry was denied.

There began the most distressing 12 or 13 hours in the life of the well-known actress, who mentioned that she was treated as a criminal and felt that she was kidnapped.

“I’m going sightseeing. They asked me if I had already visited Mexico, I told them yes, in fact, I was a legal resident. I give you my new passport and the old one because there I have the American visa as proof that I was not going to go to the United States, I was just going for a walk”, Viviane related.

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With tears in the eyes, The actress mentioned that this situation is being experienced on a recurring basis in Mexico.

“The world has to find out. If you experienced something similar and migration from Mexico went over your rights or someone you know, let me know, we are going to do a report on what is happening, we are going to make more noise than there is already because this has to change ”, wrote.

He also mentioned that only at 4 in the afternoon did they give him his first and only meal. “We asked if they were going to give us more food and they said no. I did not want to eat the hamburger because I wanted to be starving to be able to eat and extend that, “he rescued.

When asking the reason for the deportation, the authorities told the young woman that the person who was going to receive her had not answered to confirm the data, but she reversed this situation, indicating that her friend was there for the same 13 hours as her she was locked up, talking to the airline and other entities at the airport to get them to let her in.

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And it is that while they made her fill out the papers, they gave her the option of speaking with the Colombian consulate, to which she mentioned that if necessary, but that call was never made, as hours passed and every time they asked about this They told them that they could do it later.

From the moment Viviana Santos made the situation known, the Colombian consul in Mexico, Andrés Hernández, spoke about it.

“Regarding the case of Vivíana Pulido Santos or known as Vivíana Santos, We are already requesting a detailed report on the inadmissibility and requesting Viviana to file a respective complaint about her case”, mentioned the consul.

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[Video] Colombian actress denounced that she was detained in immigration Mexico