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It took 20 months for a foreign artist to return to Chile to perform a concert. The last had been the Californians The Offspring, who in March 2020, when the pandemic just showed its first impacts in the country, they managed to appear at the Movistar Arena before an extensive ban on mass events began to apply in the country. The cycle closes this afternoon, with the arrival in the capital of Vincentian, an old acquaintance of the house that tomorrow and Thursday, in the same enclosure of the O’Higgins park, will end almost two full years without international shows in Chile.

As explained by those in charge of your visit, the leader of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs was scheduled to land this afternoon at Pudahuel airport, to go directly to your hotel and prepare for the two recitals at the Movistar Arena scheduled for tomorrow Wednesday and this Thursday 11 (a second date that was added to the rapid ticket sales of the first). In both presentations the artist will show his successes as a soloist with a focus on his most recent album, The bright well, in addition to some hymns from his mother group.

The two presentations of the Argentine musician, in addition, mark the official return of international shows to the Chilean musical billboard, while inaugurating a string of stellar concerts for this month, which continues with the Colombian group Morat this 14, 15 and 16 of November at the same Movistar Arena, the two shows by the Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi in the same venue (November 18 and 19), followed by a recital by the Argentine Luciano Pereyra also in the arena. Then it will be the turn of Fito Páez, Arjona, Metallica and other protagonists of a musical billboard that promises to return to its usual rhythm from 2022.

Behind Vicentico’s visit, in any case, hides a laborious management and a complex logistics operation, which includes promoters but also national authorities. A coordination that began several months ago and that finally began to take shape in September, when the Ministry of Health announced the complete renewal of the Step by Step plan.

Precisely those modifications, which include new capacity for massive events and changes in the entry regulations for people who come from abroad, are what allowed this reopening of the capital’s stages to international shows after 20 months, according to the producers of their shows.

“The truth is that the idea (of Vicentico’s show) was born a few months ago, when we began to ask that our industry be reopened, in July or August approximately,” says Daniel Merino, entertainment manager of the Bizarro production company. “But it wasn’t until September, once the government announced the Step by Step Plan 2, that we were able to put them up for sale.”

Merino, who in addition to being the manager of the BE Live Entertainment Group company has been a producer of the latest editions of the Viña Festival, details that Vicentico will be a total of four days in Santiago -he will leave the day after the second recital-, and that His arrival was finally approved once both he and his work team were able to validate the Covid-19 vaccines they received in their country.

14.03.2020Santiago, ChileThe Offspring Fotografia: Natalia Espina

“They are fully vaccinated in Argentina and they validated their vaccines in the Chilean Government’s Me Vacuno”, indicates Merino, who highlights the cooperation of the Minister of Cultures, Consuelo Valdés, and her cabinet, to speed up a process that can sometimes arrive to take 30 days.

“The Ministry of Culture has supported us a lot throughout the process of validating vaccines, with this and other future artists, such as Fito Páez”, says the producer.

Thanks to this procedure, and protected by the regulations established by the new Step by Step plan, the trans-Andean musician and his staff do not have to quarantine in a sanitary residence when entering Chile if their PCR test at the airport gives a negative result. . A dynamic that clearly speeds up times and makes the arrival of foreign artists to the country viable.

“When the artist arrives, he goes through the same process as any non-resident foreign passenger: he gets off the plane, health control, PCR, police, SAG and hotel. There he waits until he receives his negative PCR and they enable his mobility pass “, comments the producer, who details:” They validated their vaccines and are given a ‘disabled’ mobility pass until the airport PCR yields a negative result, which it takes between 8 and 12 hours. After that, the airport laboratory system, which is connected to the Me Vacuno system, automatically allows the pass to be enabled and can circulate ”.

Despite everything, Merino assures that “by their own decision they will try to get out what is just and necessary, but the current protocol applies, that because they are vaccinated and with negative PCR they have the freedoms that are granted in Step 3 of the Step by Step plan.”

As for the safety and hygiene measures that will be in the Movistar Arena during the Argentine’s two shows, these do not differ too much from the protocols that have been implemented for all the musical events that the venue has hosted in recent weeks.

In fact, the arena will be enabled both days to receive a maximum of approximately 3,000 attendees, less than a quarter of its full capacity. The foregoing, in line with current health regulations and with the figures that have been handled by other massive shows in recent times.

Vicentico arrives in Chile the complex back room of the

“Since the beginning of the Step by Step plan, the configuration exercises of the Movistar Arena and all its locations have been carried out, according to how the capacity has changed; always with the view of the best scenario to operate our venue and reactivate the work in the entertainment sector. Likewise, different instances and best practices have been monitored in other parts of the world, to set up an operation with biosafety protocols that has the highest standards, ”they indicate from production.

Thus, the organization details that in both concerts there will be sanitary control in all accesses to the venue, taking temperature, sanitizing hands and footwear. In addition, a tent was installed for attendees who presented a temperature above 37.5 ° when entering Movistar Arena. In it they would wait 20 minutes, to take their temperature again and that it is not affected by the weather. If the temperature is above 37.5 °, the person is referred to a healthcare facility.

Along with this, there will be a “sanitizing totem” at all entrances to the room, graphics to demarcate the physical distancing in the entrances to the bathrooms, physical distancing in the court sector seats, exclusive trash cans to dispose of masks and alcohol gel dispensers in all sectors of the place.

More considerations? All attendees must have their mobility pass enabled and remain with the mask properly on throughout the show. Meanwhile, the duration of the recital may not exceed 2 hours.

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Vicentico arrives in Chile: the complex back room of the first international concert in 20 months – La Tercera