Vicentico and André Rieu rescheduled their concerts in Uruguay: find out the details

The shows of international artists are once again marking their dates in our country. And two of the visits expected by the Uruguayan public already have a confirmed date. It’s about the singer Vincentian, and the Dutch violinist André Rieu, which will be presented at the Antel Arena.

Vicentico – Next November 4 at Antel Arena

For May 22, 2020, the Argentine’s concert was scheduled Vincentian, although the pandemic and health protocols made the date impossible. To the relief of the singer’s followers, it has already been confirmed that this concert will take place on November 4, 2021 at Antel Arena.


Yes OK tickets purchased for the show on May 22 remain valid, due to a configuration change in the system, must be exchanged for the new date performing a simple procedure, entering The deadline to carry out this exchange is from today, until Sunday, September 19, inclusive. And those people who cannot attend the new date, will have the option of returning their ticket from September 9 to 19.

André Rieu – On October 8, 2022 at the Antel Arena

Another artist expected for 2020, also confirmed his arrival in Uruguay, although the fans of the renowned violinist André Rieu they will have to wait a little longer. Originally the concert was scheduled for May 23, 2020, but the pandemic caused this schedule to be modified for October 10, 2021. Now he announced that we will have to wait another year to see it live.

André Rieu.  Photo: Diffusion.
André Rieu. Photo: Diffusion.

Through his social networks, Rieu issued a statement lamenting the new date change.

“Dear friends, it is with great sadness that I have to make this announcement today,” Andreu Rieu begins by saying in a released statement.

“Due to current restrictions, we will have to postpone our concerts in Chile and Uruguay again for next year. All the things that make our concerts unique are still forbidden ”.

“When I think of you, my dear audience, and the way you enjoy our music, I see you laughing, dancing, hugging and kissing your loved ones, and I can’t wait to be with you again.”

Upon completion of the statement, it was announced that the new date for the André Rieu concert will be October 8, 2022 at the Antel Arena.

Article: Soure