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The 81-year-old singer of ranchero music gradually regains mobility in his arms and legs. You are weak but awake while receiving medical treatment.


The world of entertainment and its followers are attentive to the evolution of the clinical picture of the icon of ranchera music Vicente Fernández. After eleven days in hospital, after having suffered a fall at home, the Mexican singer has shown improvement in his health, until the close of this edition, according to a report from several international media.

According to a recent publication by The Herald, from Mexico, to Charro de Huentitán The intubation to which he was subjected after more than ten days has already been withdrawn, the time limit for the ventilatory aid to remain in the body.

On the website the On the other hand, it is claimed that Vicente Fernández Jr. and his son Ramón Fernández told the press that they had gathered outside the clinic that the artist underwent a tracheostomy to improve his breathing. “They already removed it (the intubation), they removed it today and they made a hole in his throat (tracheostomy) so that he could breathe better and they removed the respirator,” said Fernández’s first-born son on his way out of the hospital.

“His cardiovascular condition is stable, even with weakness in his limbs and very slight spontaneous mobilization on exertion,” his family said in a statement posted on their social networks. The bulletin specifies that the singer admitted to the state capital, Guadalajara (west), “is still awake. With minimal analgesia and sedation and still dependent on mechanical ventilation ”.

Later, Francisco López, one of the doctors treating the artist, mentioned that “he is under treatment, waiting for an answer.” “We hope the speedy recovery and a good evolution of Mr. Vicente Fernández, which is what we all want and want,” said the doctor in a brief press conference outside the hospital.

It has also been revealed that currently only four people are authorized to visit him. His wife, María del Refugio Abarca (Cuca), and their three children, Vicente, Alejandro and Gerardo Fernández, are the only ones who are in contact with him.

Last week, Fernández could only communicate by looking.

Fernández, 81, is hospitalized in a private clinic in Guadalajara. The interpreter of Too bad you’re alien Y By your damn love he had an accidental fall on his farm, suffering a trauma to his cervical spine. The call Charro de Huentitán He had been admitted to the same facility last July for a urinary tract infection, which was initially believed to be coronavirus.

Vicente Fernández is considered one of the greatest exponents of regional Mexican music worldwide, with some 80 record productions and 25 films. In his career he has obtained 3 Grammy Awards, 8 Latin Grammy Awards and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (I)