Vicente Fernández: the millionaire sum he charged for a concert

Mexico says goodbye to its greatest exponent of ranchera music: Vicente Fernandez, who died this Sunday, December 12, at the age of 81, after being hospitalized for different health complications.

With the passing of the hours thousands of fans have crowded into his farm The Three Foals, in Jalisco, to see his coffin, leave him flower arrangements, sing his dozens of hits and accompany his wife and three children.

Several have taken the opportunity to take photographs, autographed records and any other object that they obtained when they saw ‘El Charro de Huentitán’ during one of the presentations he made in his more than 60-year career.

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Thanks, mainly, to his albums and concerts, ‘Chente’ managed to accumulate a fortune of 25 million dollars (more than 97 billion Colombian pesos), according to the specialized portal ‘Celebrity Net Worth’.

In the beginning, according to local media, the interpreter of ‘Volver, Volver’ charged around 35 Mexican pesos for each recital, a minimum figure when making the current change, since it would be equivalent to about 6,500 Colombian pesos.

Vicente Fernández charged 65 Mexican pesos at his beginning.

However, in the 1970s his songs began to be chanted by thousands of his countrymen, to the point of sounding in most of Latin America. This was the case until recent years, in which he charged two and a half million Mexican pesos (more than 460 million Colombians) by presentation, according to the Mexican newspaper ‘El Heraldo’.

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Last concerts of Vicente Fernández

Fernández made a farewell tour during 2012 and 2013 to sing for the last time on stage classics such as ‘Por tu maldito amor’, ‘A mi modo’, ‘Acá entre nos’, ‘Mujeres divinas’, ‘Unmillion de primaveras’ or ‘Esto jealous’.

In fact, he was in Colombia between July and September 2012 and, as recorded by EL TIEMPO, he visited Bogotá, Tuluá, Villavicencio, Tunja, Neiva, Medellín, Armenia, Cali and Valledupar.

Vicente Fernández in Bogotá

The Mexican singer in one of his last presentations in Bogotá.


David Osorio. Weather archive

More than 10,000 Bogotans welcomed him on September 20, 2012 in the Jaime Duque park. The cheapest ticket at that time was 260 thousand pesos while a box to see him and hear his powerful voice closer cost from 6 million pesos onwards.

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After extending his farewell, on April 16, 2016 he finally said goodbye to the stage. That day he appeared at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, before more than 85 thousand people. The entrance was free.

The concert came out the album live and on video ‘An Aztec in the Azteca’ that over 3 hours and 26 minutes compiled the interpretation of the Mexican winner of two Anglo and eight Latin Grammy awards.

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Vicente Fernández: the millionaire sum he charged for a concert