Vicente Fernández ALREADY said goodbye to Martín Urieta with this heartbreaking message

Don Vicente Fernandez already has 70 days hospitalized at the Country 2000 hospital in Guadalajara, Jalisco, after he suffered a drop in his ranch ‘Los Tres Potrillos’, so since then, his loved ones are on the lookout for health, such is the case of his friend Martín Urieta, who worked with the ranch idol on various occasions throughout his artistic career. The composer revealed that ‘Chente‘already had a chance to say goodbye of him before he was hospitalized with a heartbreaking message from “bye

The composer recounted during a special event of the Society of Authors and Composers (SACM). who visited the ‘Charro de Huentitán‘last year, a situation that they took advantage of to talk, joke, sing and even remember old times.

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