Vetusta Morla: a rock band with rhythms of Spanish folklore

Cable A Tierra is the name of the most recent record material of the Spanish rock band Ancient Morla and with which they visit different cities of Spain, Latin AmericaEurope and the United States.

The disc contains 10 original songs with which the group explores the sounds and rhythms of Spanish folklore, while adopting Latin sounds to create new aesthetically well-achieved melodies.

“This new material is from rock, pop, indie, whatever you want to call it has nuances that are rooted in music from the Iberian Peninsula as well as from Latin America”, says David García, drummer of the band, in an interview with Newsweek in Spanish.

The songs of this band are characterized by being short and with clear choruses, “melodies that can be remembered, that can be catchy and that could be the pop part of the group. But there is also a rock part that is energetic because there are electric guitars, with a very beastly energy”.

Vetusta Morla also has the “indie” label, which according to David García, is “quite controversial, especially in Spain. For the band it means total independence because with it we appeared on the music scene, that is to say, we did not have a recognized label”.


Vetusta Morla was born in the summer of 1998. It all started at the José Luis Sampedro Institute, in the Madrid town of Tres Cantos.

The first members of Vetusta Morla were Pucho (Juan Pedro Martín, voice), David García “el Indio” (drums), Jorge González (percussion), Alejandro Notario (bass) and Guillermo Galván (guitar). Later, at the end of 1998, Juan Manuel Latorre joined the group on guitar and keyboard, Alejandro Notario left the group, finally completing the sextet with Álvaro B. Baglietto.

The group takes its name from the old turtle from the junior novel The endless story, by Michael Endé. Morla is a turtle whose age is not calculated by years in time but by names.

“Our career as a group grew at a snail’s pace. For 10 years we were making music in a small town in Madrid. We did very small concerts and tours. It is in 2008 when we managed to publish our first album and with it we were able to have a little more relevance”, comments David García.

Over time they have managed to visit various countries thanks to the attractiveness of their sounds and song lyrics, says the musician.

Vetusta Morla, one of the most important indie rock groups in Spain, continues with the promotional tour of its most recent production, Cable A Tierra, and this time it will do so in Mexico City where it will offer an electrifying night on October 1 at the Pepsi Center WTC. Tickets are on sale at the property’s box office and through

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Vetusta Morla: a rock band with rhythms of Spanish folklore