June 11, 2021

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Veteran Washingont band Slater-Kinney announces a new self-produced album. – LOFF.IT

Veteran Washingont band Slater Kinney announces a new self produced album

The band from Olympia, Washington, Slater-Kinney returns to the front page of today with a new single and video titled “Worry With You”. This release serves the group to announce their new album, “Path Of Wellness”That will go on sale next June 11 via Mom + Pop. This new record work supposes, not only the return of Slater-Kinney but also marks a milestone since it is the first self-produced album by the own formation.

That’s right, rock band Sleater-Kinney returns with a new single and a video titled «Worry With You«. It is their first installment with new own music since they published “The Center Won´t Hold” back in the remote (or so it seems) 2019. The accompanying audiovisual, which was filmed in Portland, Oregon, was directed by Alberta Poon and starring Fabi Reyna and Megan Watson.

The song also heralds the arrival of the tenth studio album., if we only count the LP’s, that is, the group’s long-term ones, “Path Of Wellness”, Which will land in stores on June 11 and will carry the logo of the record label Mom + Pop.

Amid the endless turbulence of the events of 2020, Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker wrote and recorded the album in Portland, Oregon. Both singers, guitarists and choristers of the band, welcomed the local musicians in the studio to give life to their particular vision of events and life. For the first time, the band also took the reins of the recording and put order in the studio work and self-produced the creation of the eleven tracks that make up the new work. With their new release, the band delivers a provocative, powerful and poetic statement when alternative music and culture could be most needed, most imperative. Titles like the one that gives the album its name and that also opens it, “High In The Grass“,”Favorite Neighbor“Or”Complex Female CharactersThey are absolutely identifying of the character and personality of Sleater-Kinney.

The group has also announced the addition of a date in Missoula, Montana, to their tour called “It’s Time” and co-headlined with other true stars such as the veteran Wilco. The tour, which also features the opening act NNAMDÏ, will begin on August 5 in Spokane and will hit major cities such as New York, Boston and Philadelphia before ending in Chicago, Illinois on August 28. That really is getting back to normal.

Sleater-Kinney emerged in Olympia, Washington in 1994. The group’s landmark 1997 album, “Dig me out“, It earned a place in Rolling Stone magazine among” The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. ” During 2015, they returned after a decade-long hiatus with the triumphant “No Cities To Love”. A work that closed 2015 on dozens of year-end charts, reaching number 1 for The Daily Beast and The Skinny. More recently, they teamed up with St. Vincent to produce “The Center Won’t Hold”, Released in 2019. Throughout its career, the band has sold out shows on several continents. Sleater-Kinney will release their 10th studio album, “Path Of Wellness”, In June of this year.

Letter of Worry With You of the disk Path Of Wellness, Sleater-Kinney

10,000 miles and an ocean between us Get me to your shore, so I can receive this If I’m gonna worry, I’m gonna worry with you. Middle of the night, dark thoughts are whirling Crossing off the days til you are returning If I’m gonna worry, I’m gonna worry with you Oh, I’m on the other side picking up speed Let go of shame and lies I don’t need If I’m gonna fuck up, I’m gonna fuck up with you Let’s get lost baby And take a wrong turn That’s the life, that’s the life We never ever wanna get burned. I had thought, there was no place for what I feel Then I learned, you are the place for what I feel Come at me with all of your swagger The strength of you is what I’ve been after If I’m gonna mess up , I’m gonna mess up with you Oh, I figured that love that takes you further This heart was ready for the life preserver If I’m gonna worry, I’m gonna worry with you.