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Universal Music Group taps Grammy Award-winning producers to create music for Kingship, a band virtual based on the top-tier collection of NFT bored appe Yacht Club.

According to Celine Joshua, director of the label Universal’s “10:22PM,” it made sense to bring in the talent of the co-executive producers James Fauntleroy and Hit Boy to help direct the sound of the new group. The duo have worked for pop superstars Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé and Rihanna.

Joshua has devised a roadmap for king ship which includes albums and performances by metaverse. There will be benefits to fans associated with the albums and performances, and owners of Kingship NFT will have access to a server Discord exclusive to meet other fans.

Universal announced Kingship last November, at the height of the stock market bull run cryptocurrencies who saw Bitcoin exceed $69,000 and ethereumthe cryptocurrency predominant in the NFT space, reach $4,800.

How is the band forming?

Kingship has four members: lead singer Hudpercussionist Arnell, bassist and vocalist King and lead guitarist Captain.

James Fauntleroy and Hit-Boy are creating the sound for him quartet of apes that will be inspired by a hit song called ‘Jump’ of the former group rock hard Van Halen. Rolling Stone has ranked the song on its list of the 200 Greatest Songs of All Time. Kingship has released a video of 30 seconds that shows his musical direction.


Until now, Joshua has sold 5,000 gang-related NFTscalled Key Cardswhich top the list of musical NFTs from OpenSea. Each Key Card represents one of the apes with specific unique attributes.

Despite the recent crypto market downturn, the collection BAYC, consisting of 10,000 cartoon apes, has reached some important milestones. Recently annulled a CryptoPunksanother collection of NFTs called blue chipin the category of all-time sales figures.

Otherdeeds, the dynamic NFTs built as a collection of game essentials and an integral part of the universe BAYC NFT, recently changed the popular NBA NFT Top Shot collection As the NFT project with the highest sales volumes.

BAYC takes the music industry in another direction

Bored Apes has proven to be popular intellectual property of Web 3.0 for celebrities and the entertainment industry. They can be seen as a status symbol on the decentralized web and on social media platforms like Twitter, where owners display NFTs on their profiles.

Notable celebrities who own Bored Apes include star of the NBA Stephen Curry, the quarterback of the NFL Tom Brady and rapper Snoop Dogg. But they are also part of a movement to reconnect artists with fans.

Around the same time that Universal announced king shipaward-winning producer Grammy Timbaland He launched a venture in association with a BAYC entertainment company, Ape-In Productions, to promote Bored Apes as popular metaverse musical acts.

Universal Group Recruits Top Producers for BAYC Marching Band

One of the goals of the new company, Timbaland said, was to return creative control to artists. The Bored Apes will release music and animation like NFT. The first act signed to the platform was TheZoo, a hip-hop group in the BAYC metaverse. The animation of the concerts will be achieved using the creation technology 3-D strip Unreal Engine.

Meanwhile the rappers Snoop Dogg and Eminem are already exploring the potential of cartoon apes to boost your performances In the real world. The duo recently paired a live performance at the MTV Video Music Awards with a music video that features them performing as animated Bored Apes in the metaverse.


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Universal Group Recruits Top Producers for BAYC Marching Band – BeInCrypto