TXT: What happened to Beomgyu during his concert in Bangkok?

TXT fans were concerned to see that Beomgyu was suddenly no longer on stage with his fellow group members. Although the idol had to leave the stage suddenly, the idols put MOA’s heart at ease.

For a long time, the boys of Tomorrow X Together they started a world tour with which they could meet many fans in different cities. Recently the group performed in Thailand and gave a spectacular show.

A large number of admirers k pop met to see TXT live and sing all their songs, only something unexpected happened in the middle of the show.

From one moment to another, Beomgyu was no longer participating in the group dance formations, as he left the stage, which caused the curiosity and concern of MOAs.

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TXT’s Beomgyu left the concert stage because he felt sick

The absence of the idol of k pop It did not go unnoticed and the members of the group noticed that MOA was looking for him, so they told what had really happened.

During one of his speeches, Soobin He took the microphone and explained that Beomgyu was a bit sick, so he left the stage to get some rest backstage. Despite this, they asked the fans not to worry, as they added that they would take care of the singer so that he recovers soon.

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TXT had a sweet gesture with Beomgyu after he left the stage

The concert continued with amazing performances, the TXT members left all their energy in each performance, but also had a sweet gesture that showed us their beautiful friendship with Soobin.

TXT during their concert in Bangkok. | Source: Twitter @ideal__txt

The idols stood up in front of the audience and left a space between them because of Beomgyu, pointing out that even when he’s not around, he’s part of the group.

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TXT: What happened to Beomgyu during his concert in Bangkok?