TWICE: Which members of the music group are Japanese?

TWICE has 9 talented and incredible girls who have given their best for their music and the band, although not all are from South Korea, some of them came from Japan to conquer the world with their great skills.

Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, You, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung Y Tzuyu make up TWICE and they all shine both together and individually because each one has a special talent that gives them their own identity and authenticity in the world of K-Pop.

We have been able to enjoy the talents of all these idols during the 6 years of their careers. TWICE, becoming more and more fans who join ONCE and finding the love and admiration of millions of people around the world.

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And it is common for the fandom full of curiosity wants to know absolutely everything about their South Korean artists favorites, that’s why we tell you which members of TWICE They are Japanese, their talent crossed borders from the beginning and led them to stardom in a country even if it was not their origin.

Which members of TWICE are from Japan?

Hirai Momo born in Kyōtanabe, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan on November 9, 1996, is TWICE’s lead dancer but is also an excellent singer-songwriter born in Japan.

Momo is one of the members japanese of TWICE and shows us all his talent with the group.

Very Minatozaki was born on December 29, 1996 in Tennōji-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan; You sing and dance for TWICE and we know she’s a idol very talented.

This is the second member japanese de TWICE.

Sharon Mina Myoui, Yes OK Mina He was not born in Japan, he has Japanese roots and also lived in the country during his childhood.

No matter the nationality, the talents of TWICE idols are enjoyable all over the world.

We invite you to make this fun TEST while listening to TWICE’s best songs.