Tui and Valença are filled with music with 13 free concerts within “Músicas no Minho” – Metropolitano

Start the MUMI -Músicas no Minho- que will turn the Eurocidade Tui-Valença into a cultural hub of live music over three days. The event, which is focused on the professional public as a meeting point between professionals and artists from Galicia and Portugal, will also feature Parallel programming for the general public, offering free concerts and performances with free access.

In total, there will be seventeen “showcases”, of which most will be open to everyone, as well as two great concerts on both banks of the Miño. The festival will feature the premiere of the Galician-Portuguese Liberation Orchestra at the opening of the event and a special closing concert with Galandum Galundaina and Uxía.

Thus, of the 13 shows open to the public, two will be the opening and closing concerts, while another eleven will be “showcases”, that is to say, small concerts to present the different artists and groups. The actions will be distributed between Tui and Valença and will take place mainly in outdoor spaces, although they could vary if the meteorological situation forces them to do so.

The first day for the general public will be exclusively in Tui this Thursday, September 9 with micro-concerts by Cassete Pirata (7:30 pm) and O Sonoro Maxín (8:15 pm) at the Municipal Theater of Tui.

Starting at 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, the opening concert will begin in Municipal Theater of Tui with the premiere presentation of the Galician-Portuguese Liberation Orchestra. Under the direction of Xacobe Martínez Antelo, it is formulated as an extension of the Galician Liberation Orchestra and is presented as one of the “most surprising” encounters with improvisation as a link and the avant-garde as the natural habitat of sixteen of the best musicians Galicians and Portuguese.

The MUMI will continue on Friday. Among all the activities, those programmed only in Tui will be open to the public. It will thus be possible to attend the “showcases” of Silvia Penide, Barry White Gone Wrong, Conjunto! Avoid and Caamagno Family. The performances will go from 7:30 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. and will be distributed between Praza de San Fernando and the Municipal Theater. Check here the schedule and location of each of them.

Finally, on Saturday the programming will begin at 12:00 hours in the Praza de San Fernando de Tui with Takatum’s micro-concert to present his show “Ah! Ah! Ah!”. It will be followed at 12:45 by Magín Blanco and the Banda das Apertas. In the afternoon, the program will arrive in Valença from 16:00 hours (15:00 Portuguese time) with the “showcase” of Káustika in the Fortress of Valença. At 4:45 pm he will be followed by Pulpiño Viascón. In Tui, the music will return at 19:00 to the Paseo da Corredoira with La Duendeneta and his show “Os camiños das músicas galegas”.

The meeting of music on both sides of the Miño will end at 10:00 p.m. (9:00 p.m. Portuguese time) at Cortinas de São Francisco (Valença) with the closing concert by Galandum Galundaina and Uxía. Galandum Galundaina built a space in which the past and future of the “song stingray” They go hand in hand. The group, considered the ambassador of the music of the Terras de Miranda, develops a research work around traditional instruments -extraordinary in the case of the mirandesa bellows bagpipes but also in self-built sound devices- as well as cultural promotion , with the organization of events such as the itinerant Festival of traditional culture “L Burro i L Gueiteiro”. For his part, Uxía is one of the greatest ambassadors of Galician music and poetry. In his more than 35 years of artistic career, he renewed traditional Galician music, connecting it with Atlantic cultures, combining alalas with morna, fado or Brazilian rhythms. Some of the most recurrent themes that she explores in her works are the search for a space for the voice of women, dialogue between cultures, contemporary Galician and Portuguese poetry and the defense of linguistic identity.

Article: Soure