Toñi Moreno, night of music and dance with friends at a concert in Marbella: the video of the moment

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The host Toñi Moreno (48 years old) has parked during this weekend the diapers and the care of Lola, her little girl, to make a break in her motherhood, and give everything at his friend’s concert Manuel Carrasco (40), which took place at the Starlite gala in Marbella. The Andalusian is “full” with this year full of projects. It’s found “making the most of” what is left of the summer, since he will once again take charge of what was his program, Live life, to replace the holder Emma garcia (48) during the summer period.

“Manu Carrasco is the best, without a doubt. He is very great,” said the woman from Cádiz to JALEOS minutes before indulging in the dance with a group of friends and a few glasses of red wine. This medium has had exclusive access to some images where the journalist is seen happy and enjoying one of the most fulfilling moments of her life. From his VIP box, He hasn’t stopped cheering for a minute to an emotional Manu Carrasco, who has appeared before an audience that was so thirsty live music
like him and his band.

Toñi Moreno, night of music and dance with friends at the Manuel Carrasco concert


Elegantly dressed in a white blouse, Carrasco has offered one of his best songs in acoustic version. The one from Huelva has started the recital sitting down, surrounded by a staging and a warm and intimate lighting. You have intoned the theme first Hope prison, which he chose after so long without playing, or getting on stage. So that, it became especially exciting after all that has been lived with the pandemic.

Toñi was especially moved when the one from Huelva assured in the middle of his recital the following: “To my daughter, who is up there and has come to see me, I dedicate all my songs to her.” Also, as a tribute, Carrasco has sung for “all the people who have left, who have fought for us, who is fighting and has helped us so much in this time to continue living“.

The girl at the courthouse door

Meanwhile, Toñi continues to rush the last scraps of his vacation. He also finalizes details on the broadcast of the HBO serial documentary The case Wanninkhof, of which she is executive producer, and in which he collects the testimonies of Dolores Vazquez, convicted and imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. The presenter, always very aware of these issues of social injustice, was asked by this means, about the case of homophobia of Samuel, who died kicked to death shouting “fag”, precisely in the same land where Dolores Vázquez is now.

But the presenter declined to comment, arguing the following: “It was a very delicate subject“And he did not want to comment. Gone are those images of that Toñi, who were recently seen on a digital platform, a very young reporter at the courthouse doors covering one of the processes, which aroused great media interest.

Now, showing his most playful face, he will try “give cool“to the hot summer nights of Andalusia with its new format on Canal Sur. The idea is that, during the eight programs this summer, the one from Sanlúcar will move through each of the Andalusian provinces, with protagonists from each area. Thus , has already announced that she will have with her Bertin Osborne (66) the Antonio Carmona (56).

Lola, my girl Lola

Toñi Moreno with his daughter Lola.

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The presenter, who will return to the front of Live life, is excited about this new challenge. Toñi goes from premiere to premiere, because on Andalusian regional television the format is already a success The summer of your life. But between project and project, there is the essential for her: “Lola, Lola my girl Lola”, with whom she is living a precious stage on a personal level. The “rubieja”, who appears in all the snapshots of her social networks, is the one who manages to draw a smile every day that passes. The best of this summer have been the days on the beaches of Cádiz, where Toñi acts as a total “madrassa”. His awareness of the issue of motherhood is such that he continues to recommend the book he wrote a few months ago on, Mother after 40.

Toñi says that his daughter “is the light of my life.” And he wonders: “How was my life before? I don’t remember her anymore “,” Building dreams “,” Hold on tight I’m never going to let you go “,” I’m in love to the bone, “I’m going to eat her with kisses“are some of the most empathetic messages that you dedicate to your little one.

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