Todd LaTorre (Queensrÿche) reacts to Bruce Dickinson’s (Iron Maiden) insults to a fan: “Lighting flares at concerts is very common in Greece” –

July 19, 2022 5:19 p.m.
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Iron Maiden at Graspop Metal Meeting. Photo: Hughes Vanhoucke

The episode lived in athens olympic stadiumin which a fan of Iron Maiden lit a flare during the opening bars of “The Number of the Beast” waking up the anger and strong insults of Bruce Dickinsonwho would later perform the song out of time, has not gone unnoticed on the other side of the pond, where Todd LaTorrevocalist of Queensrÿche, He wanted to comment on what happened on his social networks, explaining that it is something normal in the country.

Anyone who has seen a sporting event take place on Greek soil knows that flares are unfortunately the order of the day, and that is something that LaTorre, whose wife is from Athens, also knows, as he reported in his message: “For those who don’t know, lighting sparklers at open stadium concerts, big football matches, etc. is very common for Greeks. It’s a celebration.”which he completed in Greek with a “The Greeks are crazy!”

Shortly after, he had to leave a second message to make it clear that he was not in favor or against this practice, but only reported that it was not something specific to that concert: “To make it clear, many people have not understood that this was not an isolated case, but rather a cultural thing, a celebratory behavior, and I was only commenting on it for information. I never gave my opinion for or against it. Thank you to everyone who understood the message as it was written, not misunderstanding it and interpreting it as an opinion.”

There are only ten days left until we have Iron Maiden back in our country, and a few hours ago they published concert times which will take place July 29 at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona.

Iron Maiden has been one of the leading bands of the new number of La Heavy, 443in which Arch Enemy has been done with the cover of this special summer issue, accompanied by Judas Priest, Guns N’ Roses either Five Finger Death Punch among others. Run to your kiosk or visit our online store so you don’t miss anything.


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Todd LaTorre (Queensrÿche) reacts to Bruce Dickinson’s (Iron Maiden) insults to a fan: “Lighting flares at concerts is very common in Greece” –