Tim Burton’s Orchestral Concert in CDMX Attend this Halloween!

Time and Date:

1:00 p.m.

Place of the event:

Xola Julio Prieto Theater



Eje 4 Sur 809, Col del Valle Nte, Benito Juárez, 03103 Mexico City, CDMX

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the famous manager Tim Burton, is known for making the weird and creepy into the unbelievable. And without a doubt, one of the most memorable elements of his films is the soundtrack, which really transports you to these peculiar worlds. If you want to live a unique experience Check the details of Tim Burton’s Orchestral Concert at CDMX!

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The magic of Tim Burton arrives at CDMX in a concert

If you are a fan of the Halloween season, surely you are also a fan of movies like: frankenweenie, beetlejuice or the live-action versions of Alice in Wonderland either Dumbo. One thing these films have in common is that they were directed by Tim Burton and it shows in the visual style and the essence of the stories.

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On the other hand, music is also a fundamental element and that is where another characteristic of some of these films comes in. Who was responsible for composing the soundtrack of bigfish, batman returns, The legend of the Headless Horseman, among other; it was Danny Elfmanwho is also the voice of Jack Skellington in English.

This composer has worked together with Burton for a long time and the result of bringing their talent together has marked an entire generation and they have even been recognized by the industry on several occasions.

So don’t miss the opportunity to listen live to the most memorable songs from:

  • The strange world of Jack
  • the corpse of the bride
  • Scissorhands
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • beetlejuice
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The musical show will be in charge of the Mexico Orchestra Networkwhich is made up of more than 25 artists, who will perform these iconic pieces on stage.

Concert Tim Burton CDMX

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When it will be?

This Tim Burton orchestral concert will take place on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 October in the Xola Theater, located in CDMX. Without a doubt, a perfect event to attend this Halloween season. You can’t miss it!

What is your favorite song from this director’s films?

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Tim Burton’s Orchestral Concert in CDMX Attend this Halloween!