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In the last few hours we have received many messages from fans asking if the tickets for the long-awaited Arctic Monkeys concert in Lima have sold out or not. Many fans still confuse that the pre-sale has been sold out, with all the tickets already being sold out. So here we will solve all your doubts so that you are ready for the General ticket sale for Monday, May 2.

Remember that all the information you will find in this note is the official one provided by the producer in charge of the event: Move Concerts Peru.

The return of Arctic Monkeys and Interpol will take place on November 15 in Arena 1 and all the information about the event can be found in this article: Arctic Monkeys in Lima: They confirm the return of the band to South America.

Are Arctic Monkeys tickets sold out yet?

Until the closing of this note there are still tickets for sale. The general sale of tickets for the concert begins on Monday at 9 in the morning through the Teleticket website. There is no face-to-face sale. The only thing that has run out is the exclusive pre-sale stock for Interbank customers that took place on May 30. Approximately 10,000 entries. The rest of the tickets will continue to be on sale starting Monday, May 2, from 9 in the morning.

Are there still discounts on the general sale?

yesi. Discounts are still available on Monday’s general sale. However, this benefit is exclusive to Interbank customers. You can buy tickets with any payment method, but only those who do so with the card of that bank will be able to access the special discount. Others will pay full price.

Of the 12,000 tickets with a 25% discount, there are still approximately 2,000 tickets left. Once that stock of tickets runs out, the 15% discount will be automatically activated for just over 4 thousand additional tickets. When that stock runs out, all remaining tickets will continue to be sold at full price with no discounts.

Remember that to access the discount you must pay only with an Interbank card, but you can still buy your tickets with any payment method (without discount), until they are sold out.

When do general ticket sales for Arctic Monkeys start?

The general sale of tickets will start on Monday, May 2 at 9 in the morning (Only through the Teleticket website). All available tickets will go on sale and once they are sold out, there will be no more. You can only buy a maximum of 6 tickets per person.

Do not forget that there is a virtual queue so you must be at 9 o’clock (or before) on the Teleticket website. Once ticket sales start, you will be given a virtual queue number that will gradually increase. When your turn comes, you will only have 15 minutes to complete your purchase and you will only be able to select the areas that are available at that time.

Good luck!

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Tickets for Arctic Monkeys in Lima: We solve your doubts | rock garage