This will be the memorable night of Guns N Roses in Vigo, three hours and a repertoire with surprises – Metropolitan

The Balaídos stadium leaves its condition as a home of Celticism for a few hours to become a temple of rock. Since last Monday, the operators strive to dress the coliseum from Vigo in a large concert venue to host the Guns N Roses macro recital on June 12, a show that aspires to become one of the best concerts ever in the history of the city. The legendary American rock band will land in the Galician city after launching their new tour in Abu Dhabi and Tel Avivwhere he has already offered the first clues about what the show will be like that will make his immense legion of fans vibrate in Balaídos.

The formation led by Axl Rose and Slash could offer a recital close to three hours longwhere they will review from their most classic songs, which are rock hymns such as “Welcome to the Jungle” or “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, to songs that had not been interpreted for more than three decades on stage, as is the case with “Bad Obsession” -unplayed since February 1993-, “Pretty Tied Up” -disappeared from the setlist since April 1992- or “Anything Goes” -which until now was not included in a repertoire since 1988-. These three themes were part of the show that conquered a total of 80,000 people in Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv.

The closest precedent for the staging of the Guns N Roses tour happened in Israel last Monday. It is the appointment prior to the arrival of the rock group in Spain, where this Friday they will perform at the Metropolitan and, on Monday, they will do so in the Galician city. The images and videos of the macro-concert that took place in the impressive Yarkon Park show the magnitude and dimension of the brutal show that will turn Vigo into the great world capital of rock on June 12. “Night of magic” or “concert of the century” were some of the testimonies about what was experienced in the recital that conquered the Israeli public. In total, about three hours live, where the iconic voice of Axl Rose combines perfectly with the unique guitar touch of a legend like Slash. Both lead a proposal that aspires to become, with the permission of Dire Straits or The Rolling Stones, the best concert in the history of the Galician city.

But it’s not all rock at the Guns N Roses show. Americans also pay a tribute to ukrainian war victims. They do it through the topic “Civil War”, that in the first two dates of the tour it appears past the equator of the concert. The rest of the show, as expected when we are faced with authentic living myths of the genre, a show where their great hymns will be like a kind of final fireworks, A whole bombardment of sensations for the tens of thousands of fans, mostly from Spain and Portugal, who will enjoy to the fullest next Monday one of the best rock bands in history.

Guns N Roses concert tickets in Vigo

At 2:00 p.m. this Wednesday, there are still tickets on sale for the Guns N Roses concert in Vigo. Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster (Click here) for a price ranging from €79.50. However, the evolution of the tickets for this recital was curious, since tickets have been released in different phases when there were for several weeks that the paper reached important prices above 200 euros.

Repertoire of the new Guns N Roses tour

A concert with controversy

The Guns N Roses concert in Vigo will be remembered not only for the performance offered by the American group on Monday June 12 at Balaídos. With just over a week left, Doubts surrounded the celebration of the recital when the sponsorship of 1.9 million that the City Council of Vigo was going to provide due to a bureaucratic problem. Finally, the promoter will take care of the cost of the show, which will allow the band’s fans to enjoy Axl Rose, Slash and company live in Galicia.

Guns N Roses concert schedule in Vigo

  • 8:00 p.m.: The Pretenders
  • 9:30 p.m.: Guns N’ Roses

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This will be the memorable night of Guns N Roses in Vigo, three hours and a repertoire with surprises – Metropolitan