This will be the concert tour of Greeicy and Mike Bahía with their son Kai

The names of Greeicy Rendon Y Mike Bay they constantly take over national trends and the front pages of digital media, Although the artists form one of the most beloved and admired couples in Colombian entertainment, the birth of their first son named Kai has captured the attention of all their followers and Internet users.

This new member of the Greeicy and Mike family has made the artists stop their musical careers for a while to enjoy and focus on the growth of the baby, however, a few weeks ago, the couple surprised all their followers in Latin America by announce that they would continue with their “Lovers Tour” tour, a tour that they advanced until before the birth and advanced pregnancy of the caleña.

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However, the couple had warned their followers that they should be attentive to their social networks because soon they would reveal details of the start of their Latin American tour, something that happened a few hours ago when the artist shared the concert schedule for the “Lovers Tour with Kai” tour.

Greeicy and Mike Bahía will start their tour of Latin America in Ecuador on October 31

Greeicy shared an image revealing that the next On October 31, they began their long-awaited tour of Latin America, starting with the city of Samborondón in Ecuador, a country in which they will have three presentations.

“Amantes Tour” will continue its tour of that country on November 4 through the city of Manta and later they will finish their passage through Ecuador in the city of Quito on December 1 after passing through Venezuela.

“Lovers Tour” will continue through Venezuela, Peru and Chile

The couple, following their visit to Ecuador, will continue their long-awaited tour of Caracas, Venezuela on November 22 and later will visit Piura in Peru on December 3however, from there they will travel to Santiago de Chile, December 5to later return to Santiago de Surco in Peru on December 7 and in Arequipa on December 9.

Guatemala, El Salvador, Bolivia and Costa Rica other countries that Greeicy and Mike Bahía will visit

From Peru they will travel to Guatemala, where they will perform in the city of Explayada Cayala on December 15, from there they will travel to El Salvador where they will perform at Nunevo Cataslan on December 16, with this concert they will end their 2022 tour and later they will start it. in January 2023.

Their first concert of 2023 will be in the city of La Paz in Bolivia on January 13, followed by another presentation in the city of Santa Cruz on January 14, with which they will end their time in that country.

Costa Rica will be the last country for the moment that Greeicy and Mike will visit, since on February 4 they will have a presentation at the “Festival Picnic”. Although at the moment this is the official list of presentations, there may be surprises or changes along the way.

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This will be the concert tour of Greeicy and Mike Bahía with their son Kai