This was the song that made Camilo Sesto rise to fame

Without a doubt, Camilo Sesto marked a before and after in the world of Hispanic music, as he was an artist who transcended the limits of fame, to the point of being today an icon of the romantic songs of the ’70s. Even after passing away at the age of 72, the author of “Something from me”, One of the themes that catapulted him to fame and which to this day resonates in the eardrums of millions of people around the world, continues to be heard and praised for the sensitivity that his productions convey.

As it has been in the history of the romantic ballad, Sixth He was a successful singer, songwriter and performer like few others: he sold millions of records and was the first singer in Spain to achieve platinum status thanks to two emblematic songs: “Forgive me” and “Something from meWhose chords will never fade.

According to the background of his youth, his musical career began in 1966, when Camilo He was a vocalist for the group Los Botines. Four years later, the Spaniard decided to start his solo career and in 1971 he recorded his first album with the success of “Algo de me”. This song ended up being the one that took him forever to the top of worldwide fame. In reality, it is known that the success of that song was unexpected for both his team and him and it was complex for him and his teammates that the song became number one in audience.

On one occasion, within the framework of the making of the documentary “Camilo symphonic ”, the author recalled from that moment: [de posiciones] shyly. First he got to position 13. Then to 9 and when he got to 6 he stopped “. I thought: ‘It won’t go up anymore.’ It was not only until two years after publishing the song, when the singer decided to represent Spain at the International OTI Festival, but with the theme “Something else”. That was the song with which he achieved another great sales success throughout Latin America.

Camilo Sesto posing. Source: Instagram Camilo Sesto Fans Global

Over the years, the Spanish singer quickly became one of the great artists to make a presence in Spain. Besides that song that made him famous, Camilo Sesto He managed to cause a furor with other songs, such as “Lanza tu voz”, “A ti”, “Manuela”, “Ay, ay, Rosseta” and “Beggar of love”. The truth is that, during his long and successful career, Camilo Sesto managed to sell more than 100 million records. It was also he who managed to get 52 of all his songs to be the first in all the listening rankings. His songs were also translated into English, Italian and Portuguese.

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This was the song that made Camilo Sesto rise to fame