This was the first concert of Mägo de Oz with Tete Novoa (Saratoga) and Erik Cruz (videos) –

August 15, 2022 4:24 pm
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The cancellation of Mägo de Oz concerts at the beginning of the month did not bode well, at least as far as the vocalists were concerned Zeta Y Patricia Tapia, who were forced to go through the emergency services at the end of June. They were not daunted in the face of difficulties and those of Txus di Fellatio announced August 14 as the date on which the tour would resume thanks to the collaboration of Tete Novoa (Saratoga) and Erik Cruz (Reeper, Nurcry).

The setting of San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid) has been the setting chosen for Tete Novoa Y Erik Cruz are released as temporary substitutes for Zeta. Own Txus di Fellatio He explained it with a speech in which he detailed the circumstances that have allowed them to save the scheduled concerts. You can see fragments of this historic performance in our social networks.

The return of Wizard of Oz to the stages before more than 14,000 people had the incentive of the reappearance of Patricia Tapia after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. According to the group, “little by little it will be incorporated into the routine of the tour”. The next stop will be Monforte de Lemos (Lugo) on August 16. Are here the rest of the pending dates of the tour.

The current repertoire of the band is based on their latest album ‘black flag’, although the great classics are not left out either. Specific, tea handles parts like “Windmills”, “Until you drop from exhaustion” either “Astaroth”among others like “The Book of Shadows”which we leave behind these lines. Erik Cruzmeanwhile, leaves its mark on “On Boarding” either “The love wizard”. Patricia Tapia also sang several songs, such as “The Wounded Applause”among other.

Recently we remember the figure of the convalescent Zeta with an article in which we review the five songs in which he shines.


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This was the first concert of Mägo de Oz with Tete Novoa (Saratoga) and Erik Cruz (videos) –