This was the concert of Van Van and Havana D’Primera in Miami

the cuban orchestra The Van Van The Charles Dodge City Center in Pembroke Pines was presented this Friday, despite the fact that hundreds of exiles gathered around the venue, protesting with banners and Cuban and American flags against the celebration of the concert, shouting “traitors”, “communists”. and the like.

(Photo: CyberCuba)

Some of the demonstrators -concentrated in a fenced area to avoid altercations- shouted phrases like “Díaz-Canel singao!”, “Patria y Vida!” “Long live Free Cuba!” or “Go to Cuba!”

Outstanding in the group was influencer Alexander Otaolawho stressed that in the surroundings of the venue they even distributed propaganda against the US embargo against Cuba.

Why don’t they go to Cuba to see these mangy? Go to Cuba! Repentant communists. Your family, your parents and grandparents, used to throw eggs in the 1980s and today they are here eating ham,” shouted one of the protesters, according to images filmed by CyberCuba.

(Photo: CyberCuba)

“With so many children dying of hunger in Cuba, who took away their milk at the age of 5, who are your family. You should feel sorry for them. They are all disrespectful,” he continued.

Some of the demonstrators spared no offense and even jokes about the clothes or physical appearance of some of those attending the concert.

Despite the atmosphere outside the auditorium, the images from inside reveal that the presentation went smoothly, with the presence as guests of Alexander Abreu and Havana D’PrimeraAs planned.

“Miami. Made. Thank you”Abreu wrote on his social networks.

The reggaeton player also went on stage for a few minutes the taigerwho was recently visiting Havana.

“This guy is an animal. Without fear”Abreu wrote along with images of the reggaeton player encouraging the public from the stage.

Los Van Van began a tour of ten concerts on April 30 for the United States that culminates this Saturday at the Hard Rock Café in the city of Orlando, in Orange County, also in Florida.

In the last days, Cuban exiles requested in several ways the suspension of the concerts in Florida. The group Actions 4 Freedom started a campaign on the platform in which he asked the city of Pembroke Pines to cancel the performance.

“Los Van Van is a music band that historically supported and collaborated with the Cuban dictatorship; their unconditional support for the Communist Party of Cuba has made their presence unwelcome in South Florida,” the petition said, underscoring what the band “represents” the “totalitarian and terrorist regime of Havana”.

The orchestra, created in 1969 by the late Juan Formellhas remained at the peak of popularity in Cuba for more than five decades but is seen by the Cuban exile community as an ambassador of the Castro regime.

“There are more young people, people who have come since the 1990s with a different mentality and a different goal,” said Juan Formell in 2010, referring to the public’s reception during a tour of the United States, which included Miami, Key West and Puerto Rico.

In 1999, a concert by the orchestra at the Miami Arena was accompanied by protests in which demonstrators threw bottles and stones.

The group’s last performance in Miami was in 2019, during a world tour to celebrate half a century of life of the group.

“As we are not politicians we try to stay away from that, trying to make our music”said in 2019 the current director of the orchestra, Samuel Formell, in an interview with Associated Press.

“In the end, there is no doubt that when you see a Los Van Van concert, you don’t talk about politics, you don’t talk about anything, what you do is go dance and enjoy yourself and forget a little about the problems that every human being can have day to day,” the musician then specified.

At the time of the “thaw” with the government of Cuba during the presidency of Barack Obama, Los Van Van performed in Miami several times.

Juan Formell died in 2014, his son Samuel has since tried to preserve the prestige of the group, nicknamed “El Tren de la Música Cubana”.

Los Van Van premiered in early December 2021 the promotional video clip for the single “La tía se muerte de sed”, a release on the occasion of the 52 years of the orchestra. The theme is included in the most recent record production of the group, which is called “Mi Songo”, and which was released under the label of the Recording and Musical Editions Company (EGREM).

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This was the concert of Van Van and Havana D’Primera in Miami