This Saturday’s concert of the Philharmonic, a tribute to nature

Natalia Valencia Zuluaga composed Bird Flight in 2015. He had it saved, perhaps asleep, and when the Medellín Philharmonic told him that it was going to premiere it, he woke it up, shook it, checked it, took measurements, dedicated several hours to it and organized it to be heard tonight , at 6:00, at the Metropolitan Theater.

the concert is a forest of soundsand is part of the reflections that Filarmed is doing this year: today’s is about caring for ecosystems, regarding the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought.

The invitation, they say from the orchestra, is to feel the music inspired by nature. For this reason, in addition to Natalia’s work, Symphony No. 3 will be heard In the woods by J. Raff and the Bassoon Concerto by CM von Weber. Directed by the German Henrik Schaefer.

Natalia, in first person

“The work is inspired by a natural sound that is the flapping of wings of birds, as well as a physical phenomenon called harmonic series: when you play an acoustic instrument, what the human ear understands as a single event, in reality there are several that occur with very small differences in time.

So, first came the flapping of the birds and my desire to bring that sound to a work that was performed by a great symphony. Orchestras, in general, are made up of many people, and I am adding other instruments that are not normally used in the repertoire: the contrabassoon, for example, which is from the bassoon family and sounds lower. It’s beautiful, it sounds like the center of the Earth is ringing.

I use quite a few clarinets and an instrument called a harmonium, which is a kind of wind organ and keyboard at the same time, which works with bellows that are operated with the feet. Also other instruments that do not belong to the orchestra, such as saxophones, and I put the Philharmonic to do a series of effects and to orchestrate in a certain way, as I believe it is the flight of birds.

The piece has only one movement, but inside three important changes of character, which I call the birth, the night and the flight. I really like birds, but what I listen to and observe the most is something that breaks me. The whole issue of microcosms, of small details and how that is linked to our existence and the way we move around the world: looking at how the leaves come out, how the sunlight crosses, how one feels the sun and realizing that maybe the sun is not there but maybe we live inside it.

I have been interested in creating works that place us in places that we are not used to, changing places, because sometimes when you manage to be in another place where you normally are not, you can have another point of view that will enrich not only own existence but the connection with the other.

The work lasts about 15 minutes, and the experience is very personal because when you are listening you are not only in that moment, but you listen with what you are, the experiences you have had, how you get to the concert.

My music is very visual. The sound has that possibility that it connects us with that which apparently cannot be seen, touched or heard. A memory is not a physical object, and that is something that happens very beautifully through sound with those invisible threads.

bird flight It is a work for orchestra, but I also make music for loudspeakers, for smaller formats, for other artists. I haven’t done it for a long time, but for theater, for video, for contemporary dance.

I am from medellin. All my life I have had music in my life, I started studying Composition at Eafit, that led me to be the first composer from Antioquia to graduate in composition. And with the Philharmonic there is a very particular story and it is that the first time that the Philharmonic played a work by a female composer it was one of mine, Requiem, with master Alberto Correa. The Filarmed is a house.

Sometimes with new music there is a bit of resistance, but the most special thing is witnessing a birth together. That of a world premiere”.

We want to say thanks to the writer of this short article for this incredible content

This Saturday’s concert of the Philharmonic, a tribute to nature