This is what makes singer Juanes the most angry

Juanes, Colombian singer. Photo: Colprensa.
Juanes, Colombian singer. Photo: Colprensa.

Juanes Y Karen Martínez They make up one of the most recognized Colombian couples in the entertainment world, which is why their personal life is of considerable interest to thousands of curious people who stay up to date through social networks. On this occasion, the presenter took the opportunity to interact with her Instagram followers through a ‘questions and answers’ box.

Faced with the activity, not very recurrent in the Colombian’s profile, one of the users decided to get out of doubt and ask her what made her husband angry: “What annoys Mr. Aristizábal the most?”.

Amid laughter, the also model passed the doubt to the singer and he replied that it bothered him that they interrupted him when he was eating, which he was doing at that time, apparently, since he was sitting in the dining room.

“What bothers me the most is that they record me when I’m having lunch”, Juanes said, to which Karen immediately replied: “well, but I didn’t record you having lunch, you’re done now”

This is what makes singer Juanes the most angry

In honor of Father’s Day, which was celebrated this weekend, the actress decided to send a warm message to the man she has been married to for more than 17 years.

“Happy day to the father of my chicks. Thank you for being an unconditional father full of love for them ”, commented the current X Factor presenter.

Also, in a second message he dedicated a few words to the artist with a carousel of photographs in which they appear together as a family and, incidentally, he also mentioned his father. “Happy day to all the fathers today and always, but especially to these men who filled my life with a lot of love. Thank you for being fundamental pillars in my growth, for teaching me love in different ways, without you nothing would be the same (…) Happy day, beloved father, you are and will always be my first love, wrote.


In addition, Karen Martínez took advantage of her social networks to answer some questions about her family. Everything happened this Saturday as part of a dynamic that Martínez carried out with his millions of followers, who dedicated themselves to leaving him in the comments a series of doubts that she tried to clear up as soon as she could.

So then, he hinted that his youngest son Dante Aristizábal does not like to take pictures or videos in which any of the popular filters are used. In addition, in the same recording, he affirmed that he enjoys all the walks that they take with his family in the United States, where they live.

On how the adolescence stage of Luna and PalomaMartínez warned that it is complex to have two women at this same age, but pointed out that the permanent presence of parents and the values ​​taught during childhood have been of great help.

“It is quite a complicated stage, although all the stages are beautiful. However, in adolescence it is very important that parents talk with their children and that, in general, there is excellent communication on both sides. I feel that everything that one told them, all the values ​​that were instilled in them, open the way for them to make their own decisions ”, assured.