This is what it’s like to attend a concert in the metaverse (with Ana Mena as the protagonist)

The metaverse is ‘trendic topic’ of current conversations. For those who are a little lost about what it consists of, it is a virtual world in which you really feel like you are inside it, thanks to technological elements such as reality glasses. Its main objective is for all of us to become avatars, to interact socially and economically within the environment in order to create another kind of community without moving from the sofa at home.

To date, firms such as Zara, launching a collection in this universeor have we discovered that We can go shopping as if it were an afternoon with friends. What we did not imagine is that enjoying these experiences is possible, or others such as, for example, attending a concert, an episode that has happened to us and that has seemed amazing to us.

The factors that influence this good feeling that we have left after attending our first concert in the metaverse They pass, of course, through the artists who took the stage: Ana Mena. The person responsible for entering this new universe was Heineken, which on the occasion of the launch of its new beer, Heineken Silver. They designed it in this parallel space, to push the limits of reality, and now it has come to real life.


No, of course this does not mean that from now on you are going to refresh yourself with barley juice only virtually. But savoring it while you see how Ana Mena, turned into an avatar, gets on stage to sing her greatest hits, is a necessary experience to live. Above all, because supernatural phenomena occurred, such as the disappearance of mobile phones that usually come to light to record those moments. The present is being lived even if it was through a screen! Minipoint for the metaverse, comment here. We can’t wait to see where this metaverse takes us.

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This is what it’s like to attend a concert in the metaverse (with Ana Mena as the protagonist)