This is how they hacked the Spotify algorithm to make the Brazilian singer Anitta number 1 in the world

For the first time, a soloist who sings in Spanish reaches the world number 1 in Spotify reproductions. But the milestone has come with controversy.

Years ago, singers dreamed of reaching number 1 on the charts of the radio networks, although we all know that in most cases, those positions were achieved by paying. Now you’re nobody if you’re not in the lists with the most reproductions of Spotify, Apple Music and company.

The Brazilian singer Anittawho sings some of his songs in Spanish, has achieved a milestone by being the first Latin music soloist to become number 1 in the world in Spotify plays. On March 25, it reached the 6.4 million reproductions of the theme Wrap, receiving the congratulations of his company Warner Music.

But this success has been partially clouded by the discovery that his fans have hacked the algorithm of Spotify to artificially multiply the reproductions. And the controversy has touched the singer, because her official account retweeted a fan tweet where they encouraged to cheat the reproductions.

How can the Spotify algorithm be hacked? The platform sets a series of rules to count a reproduction of a musical theme as good, so you can take advantage of those rules to upload reproductions artificially.

As the website explains Rest of the WorldAnitta fans organized on Twitter to create playlists that include the song Wrapremembering “use different accounts on Spotify and don’t forget to switch accounts after 20 streams“.

The official account of the singer not only did he retweet the tweet, but the next day Spotify Premium accounts were raffled among all those who sent screenshots listening to the song on Spotify.

The Rest of the World website located over 100 playlists with names like “Wrap #1” or “Wrap 20x”, in whose description they explained the tricks so that Spotify gives the reproductions as goodalthough no one listens to them: “Play it only once a day, don’t leave it on shuffle and turn up the volume“.

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Some fans confessed to the web how they had created multiple playlists with different accounts to play the song 2,000 times a day.

Inflate plays on Spotify It is common in Brazil. Last July, the Brazilian Cyber ​​Crime Investigation Center closed 84 websites that rented bots to artificially increase the streaming numbers of Brazilian artists. Spotify penalizes these actions, eliminating the accounts of those who use them.

But in Anitta’s case, It has been the fans who have promoted this “launch” campaign, and here the singer cannot be blamed. For experts, it is a sign of the strength of her music. And we also do not know the percentage of real influence of that “hacking” to Spotify.

Although we’ll see if that retweet from his official account is a problem…

has reminded us this other Spotify algorithm hackwhere an indie group has created an album of 1,000 30-second songs, as a protest because it is the minimum time that Spotify requires to count the reproductions.

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This is how they hacked the Spotify algorithm to make the Brazilian singer Anitta number 1 in the world