This is how the surprising rock version of ‘Womanizer’ that Maneskin sang at Coachella sounds

Maneskins has debuted in Coachella this weekend. It is his first concert at the famous music festival, in which he will repeat next week. The winners of Eurovision 2021 sang their well-known songs MAMMAMIA, Zitti E Buoni and his version of Begin. However, they surprised the public and their fans with the interpretation of the Britney Spears song, Womanizer. The Italians made a version much more rocker that left no one indifferent.

The group is touring various festivals around the world, before starting their own tour, in late 2022, across North America, Europe and the UK. The tour will be named after Loud Kids Get Louder, although it will not pass through Spain. However, you will be able to enjoy the Italians in the DiversityValenciaFestival to be held in the Valencian city on July 21.

Coachella surprises again

Maneskin’s version of Womanizer It’s not the only surprising moment from Coachella this year. The prestigious music festival reopened its doors last weekend and will repeat the next one, with renowned artists on its bill and whose performances have not gone unnoticed.

Harry Styles was one of the big names headlining the 2022 Coachella Festival. He surprised his fans with two songs totally new that will be included in the next album, Harry’s Housewhich will launch on May 20. boyfriends Y late night talking They are the themes that premiered. The first is, in the words of the artist himself, “a big f**k to all the boyfriends”and the second is the reminder of a night where you speak from the heart.

However, the star moment of the night came when Harry Styles took the stage to Shania Twain to cover together the success of the artist, I feel like a woman. A surprising performance that demonstrated the complicity between both artists.

Another great performance was billie eilish. After she had problems with the microphone in the last edition in which she participated, the artist showed why she is one of the most successful singers in the music industry. In addition to singing her songs alone, she surprised the audience by going on stage to khalid to perform together lovely, the collaboration that both have. A unique and very special moment for all those attending the concert.

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This is how the surprising rock version of ‘Womanizer’ that Maneskin sang at Coachella sounds