This is how ‘Monotonia’ sounds, the collaboration between Shakira and Ozuna that is going to shake up the music industry

Almost a month after the musical bombshell of the last quarter of 2022, we have already been able to hear the song that is going to shake up the music industry. Because Shakira and Ozuna have presented through social networks the first sound advance of your long-awaited collaboration: Monotony.

The countdown to the premiere on October 19 has already begun. It will be then when we can enjoy the song (and we’ll see if the video clip) that both international stars shot in Manresa for two days in which they revolutionized not only the Catalan town but the whole of Spain.

Because after the huge success that I congratulate you with Rauw Alejandro and all the subsequent implications that we have known it entailed, everyone is eager to hear what the artist from Barranquilla is capable of in her next composition.

And that honor will correspond to Monotonía, which began to leave clues in its official profiles with part of the lyrics that we now also discover at the sound level: “It wasn’t your fault, nor was it mine.It was the fault of the monotony, I never said anything, but it hurt me, I knew this would happen.

In addition to the intro in which we hear Shakira’s voice, in these first seconds of the song, the introduction of the typical sounds of bachata is heard, a genre that has recently gained enormous popularity and in which artists such as Rosalia, The Weekend, C Tangana, Manuel Turizo…

With the premiere of Monotonía we get a little closer to Shakira’s long-awaited new studio album: “I have a complete album that excites me a lot. And some songs you will hear imminently, some are collaborations. Some are in English and others in Spanish I thought the album was done but every time I go into the studio to tweak a verse or mix a song that’s almost ready to go I end up with new music because right now I feel creative, and I feel like it’s an amazing avenue for that can make sense of things,” explained the star to Elle magazine.

Five years have passed since El Dorado, Shakira’s last LP, saw the light and it seems that her next musical adventure is coming loaded with collaborations such as The Black Eyed Peas, Rauw Alejandro, Ozuna…

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This is how ‘Monotonia’ sounds, the collaboration between Shakira and Ozuna that is going to shake up the music industry