This is how Gustavo Cerati’s second wife, Cecilia Amenabar, is today

Gustavo Cerati and Cecilia Amenabar They met in 1988 during a Soda Stereo press conference in Chili and the crush was immediate. At that time, the musician had just ended his marriage to the model Belén Edwards after a year together. As it was, fate brought the new couple together and they fell deeply in love. They decided to take the next step in their relationship and on May 19, 1993 they contracted a civil marriage in the city of Santiago de Chile. Then, on June 25 of the same year, they celebrated a religious ceremony in the Los Misioneros de Pedro de Valdivia Norte church.

Their love story became one of the most memorable in national rock. Cecilia became Gustavo’s unconditional support, his inspiring muse, and accompanied him on his first trip as a soloist: she collaborated on the choruses of the singer-songwriter’s first two albums, Colores Santos (along with Daniel Melero) and Amor Amarillo, considered the first solo album after Soda Stereo. She also appears in the video for the song “Te voy para que me llevas”, where she can be seen in front of cameras pregnant with Benito.

During their marriage, they had two children, Benito and Lisa. Although they formed a beautiful family, the love between the couple came to an end and they made the difficult decision to separate in 2002. However, when Gustavo suffered a stroke -in May 2010-, she moved to Buenos Aires to be at his side. side. She was present at all times, providing support along with her children and being hers “great love of hers”

“Gustavo was a superior, luminous being,” Cecilia would say when consulted a few years ago. The DJ and “videomaker”, as she defines herself, turned 52 on April 5 and maintains a very low profile on her social networks, with little activity there.

“As a ‘videaster’ I got private documentaries, I keep filming, editing, I love it. I am full, always. In recent years, for obvious reasons, I stopped doing everything I did a little bit and this year I am resuming, I want to do everything I can”, he would admit two years after the departure of the musician who died on September 4, 2014.

Some time ago Cecilia published a letter that the artist sent from Buenos Aires to Chile in 1991 and commented: “If once he dedicated that to me, now it goes to him from me with all my love. He sent it to me around the time we met. Therefore, I would like to share it with people. In addition, he made me some cute little drawings, old-fashioned, ”she explained.


Cecilia Amenabar today

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This is how Gustavo Cerati’s second wife, Cecilia Amenabar, is today