This is how Charlie Watts (The Rolling Stones) blamed Led Zeppelin for the duration of their concerts –

12 October, 2022 12:34 pm
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The memory of the emblematic battery of The Rolling Stones, charlie watts, is still present in many aspects. Not only in tributes to his figure performed by his band, but also in the meetings he had with prominent rock personalities, such as Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, among many others. And then we will always have his opinions, like what he thought of Led Zeppelin and the duration of their concerts.

In an excerpt from the official biography of Watts ‘Charlie’s Good Tonight’ published by Paul Sexton and shared by Billboardthe legendary thumper reflected on the path they took The Rolling Stones by prolonging the duration of their shows.

This is how he specifically remembered his jump to the big stadiums: “One month you were playing in a small town and the next for 30,000 people. Where would you play? In a large hall for 3,000 people? The move to stadium concerts was to accommodate that capacity. And that is what we have become. It’s our own fault, pleasure or whatever you want to call it. In this way we headed to what we currently do. This is how that world of what we used to do has disappeared”.

When it comes to the performances in particular, this is what he said Watts: “I blame Led Zeppelin for the habit of doing two-hour concerts… We spent a few years playing twenty minutes, all the hits and off we called it the Apollo Revue. From there we moved on to doing club gigs, with two sets a night, which was pretty fun, and then, thanks to Led Zeppelin, the two-hour long shows.”

A format that The Rolling Stones didn’t fit too well:If you’re Jimmy Page, you can afford that, as can a twenty-minute drum solo by John Bonham. Ours was not about that, it was something different. I don’t like doing drum solos. I don’t hear stuff like that. When Zep used to do that, I guess back in the early ’70s, it was hard work physically, as the monitors weren’t very good.”

A situation that has changed, in the opinion of Charlie: “Now the sound equipment is very sophisticated. The hardest thing for a drummer on those big stages was being heard. Now everything is done, practically. The amplification is there, so I can naturally play at the volume I feel like playing in that little cage I live in and it adjusts the volume.”


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This is how Charlie Watts (The Rolling Stones) blamed Led Zeppelin for the duration of their concerts –