June 15, 2021

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This is Deezer, the alternative to Spotify to listen to music

1622374588 This is Deezer the alternative to Spotify to listen to

You can search songs by artists, by records, by genre. You can order them however you want or listen to them online and offline. In addition, a large number of them allow us to consult the lyrics at the same time we listen to them, in karaoke mode.


Compatible Devices

Deezer is available for practically any device and that makes it one of the most interesting options when it comes to listening to music. You can download or use it from mobiles, speakers, voice assistants, televisions, computers and even from cars. From its “devices” website we can download all the available versions of the streaming music program.

You can use it in the browser directly without having to download anything, just log in to your account and access your artists and your music. It’s compatible with Google Chrome, with Safari, with Mozilla Firefox and with Internet Explorer.

It has an application available for the computer, a software that you can download to Windows 7 or higher, in order to macOS 10.10 or higher. You just have to touch on “Download now” from the official page to download it.

You can download the app for Android or iOS on mobiles or tablets. It is available on the App Store or on Google Play. You must have a phone or tablet higher than Android 1.6 or iOS 10 or higher. If you have a mobile or tablet with Windows you can also download it if you have Windows 10, just go to the Microsoft store.

It is compatible with smart watches and bracelets. You may use it on the Apple Watch, on Fitbit by saving songs to compatible devices (Versa, Versa 2 and Ionic) or to Garmin. You can also download the app Deezer for Wear OS by Google if you have Android 4.3 or later.

You can use it on almost all smart speakers by activating the app or skill depending on the brand. It is compatible with Amazon Threw out activating the skill. You can use it with Bang & Olufsen, with Bluesound Network Player, with Bose Music, with Control4 speakers, with Denon HEOS, with Devialet Phantom, with Harman Kardon, with LG Music Flow, with Moon by Simaudio or with many other compatible speakers that you can check from the website itself.

Also voice assistants are supported both Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Echo. All of them can be connected to control the music using your voice on the devices on which they work.

It’s compatible for Android TV downloading the corresponding app but also with Bang & Olufsen televisions, for example. It is available as an app for Chromecast, for LG Smart TVs, for Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and Sony brand televisions or for the box of Roku.

You can also use it from Android Car in versions equal to or later than Android 5.0 or through Apple Carplay. In addition, the online package of BMW it also includes access to the streaming music service. Also with MirrorLink, with Uconnect Live, with Waze or in MINI cars with MINI Connected.

Price and subscriptions

It’s free with the option to create playlists, access millions of songs, have free streaming music, see recommendations or listen to podcasts and even live radio. There are all kinds of functions and it is cross-platform without having to pay anything. But, like most streaming platforms, it also has payment plans that give us advantages such as the ability to spend unlimited songs as many times as you want and it has an offline mode that allows you to listen to music when we are not connected to the Internet.

Deezer Premium

Have a price of 9.99 euros per mes without permanence and with 30 days free. Allows you to listen to all the music, offline mode and without ads. It has the advantage of being able to play on many different devices, to download songs or podcasts to listen without spending data or having coverage or with playback on demand.

Deezer Family

It has a price of 14.99 euros per month with all the above advantages and allows us offline mode, without ads, access to the entire library or play as many songs as we want. Like the previous one, it also has a free month so you can try it at no cost. Beyond the usual Premium benefits, the Deezer Family difference is that you can have up to six individual accounts for family members and each of them will have their own playlists. Besides, also there are profiles for children that will allow you to put filters and check what they listen to.


Other plans

There are offers that allow you to have a subscription to Deezer cheaper.

Deezer HIFI will cost you a bit more expensive than the premium subscription but it allows us better quality. You can play in lossless quality for 14.99 euros per month and the first month is free if you bet on this option. Everything else is identical.

If you are a student, as in Spotify, you have advantages. Deezer Student costs only 4.99 euros per month with a free 30-day trial and is available for students between 18 and 25 years old enrolled in a partner university. To do this, you must reside in Spain or one of the countries that are within this program such as the United States, Austria, United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina …

You can get it if you pay a whole year (instead of month to month) with discount. It is a normal premium subscription but you pay one year in advance and get a 25% discount on the final price. You would have a total cost of 89.91 euros instead of 119.88 that would cost you if you paid one by one.

Giving Deezer: gift card

Beyond subscriptions as such, you can buy gift cards that allow you to give music to friends or family. They are codes that are available in Spain at Game stores, Carrefour and Fnac.

The prices of the gift cards are:

  • One month for 10 euros
  • Three months for 30 euros
  • Six months for 60 euros

We can buy them in the aforementioned establishments and the person who receives it should only go to the web deezer.com/gift and ienter your code to start using the music offline and without limits during the time that corresponds to the gift.

code deezer

Create an account

The first thing we have to do is go to our browser, open the website and tap on “create an account.” You will need a email and password, your age and your name and surname. With that you will have already created the account. As we have said before, doing it is completely free and you don’t necessarily have to pay for a premium account if you don’t want to, you can use it at no cost.


Once you have created the account you must choose, at least, three artists. This will allow Deezer search for related singers or groups with the ones you have chosen and thus it will show you music that can be adapted to what you like without having to fall into general recommendations that do not interest you. The more you choose, the easier it will be to get it right. You can go scrolling, using the search engine or playing on the different categories (pop, Latin, rock, hiphop, electro, dance …)

welcome deezer

When you have chosen them, your screen will open where you will be able to listen to the lists or songs you want, you will be able to discover playlists or you will be able to access the discography of your favorite artists.

Use Deezer

It will depend on the version of the application you use, which may or may not conform to what we are going to explain below or that there is something that changes from the browser to the iOS app or from the browser to the Android app, for example. But the essence is the same and the functions that you will have access to from your computer or mobile are identical even if they are in another place in the menu.

Custom Playlists

At the top we will find a series of playlists created for you to listen to during the day. Are the Deezer Daily where you will see some groups that you have chosen as favorites but also other similar ones that you may like. Just play the list you want (in our case there are three) and enjoy it.


You can touch on the lists to see the songs that there are, the groups or to see the entire duration. At the top you will find a summary: some of the groups, the total of songs and the duration. They will generally be divided by themes or types of music if there is a lot of difference in style between your artists. If you have marked heavy artists but also Latin artists, for example, the lists will be “themed” so that you can choose the one you want.


One of the advantages of Deezer in its free option compared to other rivals such as Spotify is thate allows us to choose the song we want And we don’t have to settle for random. We can go to the next one but we can also choose the song that we want to listen to directly.

Artists and recommendations

At the bottom we will find some general recommended playlists that we can listen to. The difference with the previous ones is that the “daily” are created with artists related to your tastes but these are playlists created in a general way but that can fit with what you usually listen to, for example.

As you scroll you will be able to see your favorite artists or direct access to some musical genres that may interest you, to new releases, to Hits of the moment or to popular playlists that have nothing to do with you but that may interest you if you want to know what is being listened to at the moment, for example.

deezer lists

Inside every artist you can see his full discography, a top of your most popular songs, similar artists, related playlists or information from your biography, for example. You can play in “mix” so that it starts playing randomly and using all his songs from all his albums. Or you can go to each of the albums or singles to listen to just what you feel like.

deezer artist


On the left you can also find popular podcasts or search by categories. You can find podcasts by filtering according to many different criteria. First you can choose by category if you want humor, news, education. As we scroll we will find some daily recommendations or collections, original from Deezer. But you can also find podcasts divided by duration (less than ten minutes, about twenty, thirty, more than forty) or by network if they are TED podcasts; from the BBC, The New York Times, etc.



Another of Deezer’s options is that it allows us choose stations to listen to live without having to resort to the app of each one of them. From here you can listen to the content live whatever the station you are interested in: Radio Marca, Cadena Ser, Cope, Los 40 España, Cadena 100, Kiss FM, Rock Fm … Just hit the one you want and it will start playing . Of course, you cannot pause and continue listening, nor can you “pass” forward or backward.