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The blue Angels have more than 40 years of experience and they have become a benchmark in the Mexican music scene, as they are one of the greatest exponents of cumbia in Latin America.

Since its inception in 1976, when the mother of the Mejía Avante brothers lent them money to buy their first instruments, Los Ángeles Azules have played at public and private events, as they have performed at events such as El Canelo’s wedding in the middle of this year, as well as in various public stages, which have been in the company of numerous renowned artists.

Under the framework of the celebration of the independence cry, the cumbia band performed at La Aztec Party, the special event of TV Azteca to broadcast the celebrations of September 15, which was broadcast from the Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros, from where they performed their most famous songs for viewers who tuned in to the program.

They emerged in the late 70s
They emerged in the late 70s

Although it was broadcast on television, Los Angeles Azules charged as if it had been a private event. Various sources have revealed that the group requires a millionaire amount of money to perform in a particular scenario, due to its fame and popularity.

According to reports that were made from Canelo’s wedding, where the group was also presented Manna, who agreed touch without receiving a monetary paymentInstead of money, they reached an agreement with the athlete to obtain preferential tickets for his next fight; Los Angeles Azules would charge more than a million pesos per presentation.

In previous years, the group got to charge from 300 thousand to 500 thousand pesos per concert, but since its stellar presentation in several international festivals, the band began to raise the price until reaching a millionaire figure.

Los Ángeles Azules is a musical group originally from Iztapalapa, in Mexico City (IG: angelesazulesmx)
Los Ángeles Azules is a musical group originally from Iztapalapa, in Mexico City (IG: angelesazulesmx)

The native group of Iztapalapa has collaborated in recent years with renowned artists such as Belinda, Natalia Lafourcade and Ha * Ash, among others. They also have over 20 studio albums, which include his hits “The ribbon of your hair”, “How could I forget you” and “17 years”.

This last song sparked controversy a few months ago on social networks, as many users they asked to “cancel it” stating that incited and romanticized pedophilia. An opinion that divided those who were in favor and those who affirmed that it had nothing to do with those issues.

The band itself came out to defend itself through your Facebook accountThey published a photograph of two teenagers lovingly looking at each other about to kiss that they accompanied with “That’s what 17 years are all about. End of the statement ”.

In the last installment of the Spotify Awards (IG: angelesazulesmx)
In the last installment of the Spotify Awards (IG: angelesazulesmx)

Days later, in the program First hand, the author and interpreter of the subject, Elijah Mejia, clarified the controversy that arose in social networks:

“The song is very innocent, talk about two high school kidsAs we all know, parents do not let their children go out to gatherings, anywhere, because they are minors. For the first time they leave a 17-year-old girl and a boy takes her hand and the girl begins to tremble and says that if that is love, those little butterflies, he asks if that is love. That’s what this song is about ”, said the leader of the group.

According to unofficial sources, the group would already be in talks to appear in the city of Las Vegas next to Christian Nodal and Alejandro Fernández for the celebrations of the Independence of Mexico next year.


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