This endearing grandpa didn’t convince the America’s Got Talent jury… until he picked up his guitar and this happened

“Hello, do you hear me?” are the fearful words with which he presents himself John Wines in America’s Got Talent. This affable and tender-looking Englishman was an electrician for half of his life, until, 20 years ago, he was convinced to become a music teacher, a job he continues to do. Before the question of Simon Cowell from where he sees himself in 5 years, he answers very honestly: “Teaching I hope, because I love what I do and the boys keep me young!”.

After introducing himself, he tells us why he went to the contest: “We do a lot of concerts with the boys and they get very nervous. I tell them that “if you were nervous I would be too” to which they reply: “Yes, but it’s not the same for you”. And then I thought “Okay, maybe I have to do something…””. And so he decided to test himself and go to the program.

His presence on stage so “harmless” did not make us presage what was about to happen. His wife brings him the guitar and, right after, her expression changes completely. Concentrated, he begins to play the mythical “We will Rock You” of What in, making everyone present follow the rhythm. Next, she launches into a solo that leaves the crowd in awe. No one expected that this gentleman would give such a show.

With the theater at his feet and chanting “We want more! We want more!”, John Wines cannot contain the emotion and some tears escape him. Simon Cowell nicely sums up what we were all thinking after watching it: “You seem so normal, and good, and sweet. And then you become another person when you act. I love it”. “I was waiting for the red crosses!” John says. Nothing is further from the truth, the four judges fall exhausted and give the pass to the next round.

Some “decaffeinated” panthers assault the program

Steel Panther He left the world in stone by appearing on America’s Got Talent, auditioning for the 18th season of the American talent show. Simon Cowell. Curiously, the group decided to tone down their usually acid green mood and rely solely on their excellent live playing skills. And be careful, because although, as is usual in their concerts, the group had some triggered tracks, the truth is that the entire band sounded rigorously live, something that is not common in programs of this type.

The judges were really impressed with the band’s performance, which, by the way, they didn’t seem to know. And it is that, for a group that has performed at all the major festivals around the world in front of tens of thousands of people, this performance was a piece of cake. That’s how they proved it.

Cowell the comedian Howie Mandelthe model Heidi klum and the actress Sofia Vergara they gave the band their thumbs up, offering lifetime backstage tickets to the two female members of the band, something they might not have accepted so readily if they’d seen an entire concert of the band.

Be that as it may, the performance pleased everyone except an elderly man who, uncomfortable, covered his ears. To counterbalance this animosity, there also seemed to be, among the public, the occasional fan of the group.

Obviously, Steel Panther had a little problem when it came to choosing which song to play, since their repertoire is not exactly suitable for a national television program, let alone in the United States. That is why perhaps the chosen one was “Eyes of a Panther”one of the hit-singles from his first album, ‘Feel the Steel’, which also has no dirty jokes or expletives of any kind. We will have to see, yes, how the band does to continue advancing phases in the competition.

Be that as it may, this appearance will be perfect for the group to promote their new album, ‘On the Prowl’which has seen the light this year.

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This endearing grandpa didn’t convince the America’s Got Talent jury… until he picked up his guitar and this happened