They will celebrate with a concert taking of protest by David Monreal

ZACATECAS. Through a live broadcast on social media, incoming governor David Monreal Ávila announced a popular party, “a verbena,” to celebrate the arrival of the transformation in Zacatecas.

“Some artist friends have spoken to me who want to come join us, who want to come and share this joy with the Zacatecans, and we are organizing ourselves to carry out a beautiful afternoon, an afternoon, a toquín, a musical explosion, there in the Domo de la Fair, of course taking into account the health recommendations ”.

The reported concert will be at the Fair Dome at 6 pm this Sunday, where they will play Los Montañeses del Álamo and Eliseo Robles, plus a surprise group or artist.

“And it’s possible, I don’t want to announce it so as not to look bad, but there will also be some pigeon from other artists that you love very much and who are going to accompany us.”

He assured that the groups that will participate in this concert will not charge “not a single peso.”

In the video, you can see that David Monreal is at the Convention Center where this Sunday at 11 am he will take a protest as the new governor of the state.

“Friends, friends, the time has come, the time has come, we are a few hours away from arriving at the social leadership of our state and I want to thank you and acknowledge the entire town of Zacatecas, in every corner, for your love, your support, your support. It is time to show what we Zacatecans are made of in the face of adversity ”.

He also announced that from 9 am they will begin to receive guests at the Convention Center, in order to avoid crowds and respect the sanitary measures of the health authorities.

He reiterated that the reason for the concert is to celebrate the decision that all Zacatecas made to go for the transformation “of our beautiful state, so the time has come, we are going for the transformation of Zacatecas.”

Article: Soure