They sanction those responsible for the Diván concert and the Sarao project in La Tropical

Authorities in Havana imposed strict penalties on those responsible for the Diván concert and the Sarao project, which took place on November 6 in the Jardines de La Tropical.

According to the local newspaper Havana Tribune, in the event “thousands of people participated, violating the sanitary regulations established to prevent infections with the coronavirus.”

After learning what happened, the Temporary Work Group of Havana (GTT) appointed an investigative commission. Their conclusions were that the musical event was held without the authorization of the necessary commission of the local government, and the 50% capacity allowed for these activities was exceeded by more than four times.

As punishment for these irregularities, the director of the facility, the deputy director and the head of Recreation were permanently removed from their positions.

In addition, they were imposed by the State Sanitary Inspection (ISE) a fine of 3,000 pesos per capita for contravening the current provisions for the prevention and control of COVID-19, as provided by Decree Law 31.

“At this time, other measures that could be applied to those responsible for having incurred in the spread of the epidemic are being evaluated,” he says. Grandstand.

Likewise, the deputy director and the Recreation specialist of the Recreatur company, to which that center located on Calle Tropical and Avenida Rizo, Puentes Grandes, in the municipality of Marianao belongs, were terminated from their employment relationship.

The state health entity also ordered the closure of the Jardines de la Tropical for not complying at this time with the hygienic conditions to provide its services to the public.

For his part, the Governor of Havana, Reinaldo Garcia Zapata, demanded strict control of the capital’s recreational centers and their activities, which will have to be authorized by the provincial government.

Every Monday, the GTT will analyze the incidents of the weekend and will apply severe measures to those who violate the regulations in force.

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