They present FB and Ray-Ban smart glasses

Facebook in collaboration with Ray-Ban presented the first generation of smart glasses that allow you to record video, take photos, listen to music, receive calls and share content on social networks.

They present FB and Ray-Ban smart glasses

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They present FB and Ray-Ban smart glasses

The gadget is called Ray-Ban Stories and integrates dual 5MP cameras next to each lens to “capture spontaneous moments,” according to Facebook in a news blog.

The device records videos of up to 30 seconds with a button or from a voice command when linked with the Facebook Assistant. When recording is activated, an LED light will turn on to indicate to third parties that they are being recorded.

To listen to music, the glasses integrate open-ear speaker technology that works by bone conduction, that is, the music passes through the hearing area without passing through the eardrum.

A three-microphone audio matrix is ​​added to the components for the user to make calls. Facebook highlighted that they present the ‘Beamforming’ technology which is an algorithm for suppressing background noise so that the voice is heard clearly.

Most of the design is concentrated on the sides of the lenses, so they look bulky and surely heavy.

“We had to redesign the components so that everything – two cameras, a set of micro speakers, a three-microphone audio matrix, an optimized Snapdragon processor, a capacitive touch panel, a battery and more – would fit in the smallest space and in the possible lighter framework, “said the social network.

To recharge the energy they will have to be stored in their case. The company did not go into details about the battery life, only indicating that a full charge offers three consecutive days of use.

Through the Facebook View application, available on Android and iOS, users can link their Ray-Bans so that they can access photos and videos taken with the device and share the material on other social networks.

Attention to privacy

Facebook remarked that the lenses collect technical data such as battery status, email address, Facebook login password and optionally users can share the number of photos taken and recording time, for the improvement of services .

Facebook promised that the glasses and its application are ad-free experiences, and that the content generated from the device will not serve to configure an advertising profile of the user.

Also, photos and videos will be encrypted on the smart glasses. The glasses can only be paired with one account at a time and if the person loses them, the information cannot be extracted.

“If you lose your Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses and someone tries to pair them with a new phone and Facebook account, all data and media left on the glasses will be automatically deleted,” the company added.


The glasses are priced at $ 300 equivalent to 5,982 pesos, available in stores in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy and the United Kingdom. For now the glasses are not available in Mexico.

The Ray-Ban Stories are available in 20 variations with the brand’s classic styles such as the Ray-Ban Wayfarer and Ray-Ban Meteor. The lenses can also vary, they can be sun, with graduation and of the ‘transition’ type.

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