They hack into Justin Bieber’s YouTube account and upload an alleged collaboration with Cecilio G.

MADRID, May 17. (CultureOcio) –

If there is something that abounds in the network, it is trolling. One of the last has been tremendously epic and, above all, viral. Someone has hacked YouTube account of Justin Bieber to share videos of alleged collaborations of the Canadian singer with the Spanish artist Cecilio G. A fictional crossover that has become a trend on social media.

In the morning of this may 17th, Bieber fans could see that there were two new videos on the singer’s official account. In them, an alleged collaboration with the ragman was announced. If it was pressed in either of the two videos, these were only barely long 15 seconds and showed a monkey laughing with the flag of Mexico. It was at 15:30 – Spanish time – that they left.

It is not the first time Cecilio G ends up involved in a virtual trolling. What’s more, it is almost a classic of the memes of Spanish culture. The videos exceeded 50,000 views, in the descriptions there was the hashtag #FreePacoSanz and the link that gave to a Yung Beef song, which would indicate that the origin of the hack would be Spanish.

An anecdote that, indeed, has provoked the reaction of the fans of both artists and, of course, a wave of memes.