They find cause for arrest against Cosculluela on charges of abuse

The Judge Carlos Capoof Humacao Court, found cause for arrest against the urban singer cosculluela for 13 charges of mistreatment under Law 54 and two charges for violations of the Arms Law related to a complaint, filed on Friday morning, by his ex-wife Jennifer Fungenzi Jacquesconfirmed the Justice Department.

Capó found cause for arrest against Jose Fernando Cosculluela Suarez, name of the urban artist, for five charges to Article 3.1 (abuse); one charge under section 3.2(a) (aggravated abuse for breaking into a person’s residence despite a protection order); two counts for Article 3.2(i) (aggravated abuse of a pregnant woman); and five counts for Article 3.3 (mistreatment by threat).

It also found cause for violations of Articles 6.09 (carrying, possession or illegal use of long weapons) and 6.14 (shooting or pointing firearms) of the Weapons Law.

The judge, who presided over the hearing virtually, imposed a global bail of $240,000 and set the holding of the preliminary hearing for October 31. The interpreter posted bail through a private bondsman and was released under electronic supervision (shackle).

The hearing was held late on Friday night from the Humacao Comandancia, to where Cosculluela Suárez arrived in the afternoon to turn himself in after the Police informed his lawyer, Yanitsia Irizarry Méndezwho were looking for him to fill out a protection order and to arrest him after the complaint by Fungenzi Jaques.

File of José Fernando Cosculluela Suárez supplied by the Police Bureau. (Supplied)

The Police tried to fill out (deliver) the protection order yesterday, Friday. Although at first no explanation was offered as to why an order issued in August was waited to deliver, the Uniformed Press Office later maintained, through written statements, that they tried to process the order from the moment it was issued, but they did not they managed to find Cosculluela Suárez.

“Even on the same day the order was received, the agents arrived at his mother’s residence, where she was with the lawyer (Irizarry Méndez). The agents informed him of it and took his signature on the document. The lawyer reported that he was off the island and promised to take steps to coordinate the appearance. Similarly, another agent went to the residence of Cosculluela Suárez, confirming that he was not there, ”said the Police.

“Cosculluela Suárez became aware of the existence of the order, through his lawyer, who appeared in court and filed motions alleging that his client was off the island, which is why he requested a postponement of the hearings related to the order of protection in question,” added the Press Office.

The Uniformed stressed that after the filing of the complaint on Friday morning, they called Cosculluela Suárez, who answered and said that he would come to the Command.

The Justice Department added that The pattern of abuse began in 2017 and lasted until 2022. The agency also highlighted that the prosecution presented specific facts revealed by the victim.

Fungenzi Jaques had spoken, in the past, about the alleged abuses to which he was subjected through posts on his social networks. Despite being the victim of an alleged pattern of physical, verbal and psychological abuse, it was not until Friday morning that the businesswoman filed the complaint for abuse after, during the early morning hours, a person intentionally burned two vehicles parked in front of her residence in an urbanization of Palmas del Mar.

In the incident, which occurred around 1:30 am on Friday, a person set on fire a 2020 Range Rover bus and a 2017 Lexus NX 200t bus, owned by the also owner of the “Bella by JC” boutique. . Both vehicles were declared a total loss with a combined estimated value of $185,000.

The Sergeant Felix Luyando, director of the Explosives Division of Humacao, indicated on Friday that they were analyzing the footage from security cameras to determine if they could decipher the gender of the person and have a description. The officer said that one of the videos shows the silhouette of a person who throws a liquid on the two cars, which then catch fire.

Although they await the analysis of samples recovered at the scene, Luyando stressed that it is very likely that the person used gasoline to carry out the crime. No injuries or damage to Fungenzi Jaques’ residence were reported as a result of the fire in his two vehicles.

For his part, the Lieutenant Ishmael Cartagenageneral director of the Police Explosives Division, added on Friday that they requested the collaboration of the Police Intelligence Collection, Analysis and Dissemination Center (CRADIC) to analyze the footage taken from security cameras. He added that they also conduct interviews and collect more footage from security cameras at nearby businesses.

Sources of The new day They highlighted, on Friday afternoon, that Fungenzi Jaques went to the Police, after the fire occurred, to report the incidents that he had not reported before, but that were part of the reasons why he requested a protection order against Cosculluela Suárez (issued prior to the incident with the vehicles).

However, the Police indicated that the arrest of Cosculluela Suárez was not for the burning of the cars, but for the complaint filed by Fungenzi Jaques.

Irizarry Méndez, former mayor of Aguadilla and former secretary of the Department of the Family, told Telenoticias that her client, Cosculluela Suárez, cooperated with the authorities and that he would face the process “like any neighbor’s son and without any kind of privilege.”

He (Cosculluela Suárez) is, right now, under investigation, he is openly cooperating with an investigation and, in due course, we will make pronouncements. The burning of the two vehicles has nothing to do with this because we presented our concern and concern very early. These are allegations of threats that we still do not know when, where, at what time, if it was a long time ago… we do not know that because, at the time, they will give us that information, “he added.

“My client is fully available to help with the process. He is worried, sad and dismayed, because his two babies are his life. He is going to submit to the process like any neighbor’s son and without any kind of privilege,” Irizarry Méndez stressed.

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They find cause for arrest against Cosculluela on charges of abuse