They arrested Despre, the boyfriend of Tamara Báez, ex-L-Ghent

Tamara Baez and Despre

The police arrested Javier Desprebiteris, popularly known as Despre in the world of music, for trying to enter a Tigre bowling alley with a firearm. In recent days it had been in the news after her romance with Tamara Báez, the former from L-Ghent.

“They seized a 9 semi-automatic pistol from him. The weapon he was carrying had no papers or kidnapping request, ”reported the journalist. Mauro Szeta through their social networks. At the time of the arrest, Báez was with him.

Despre, Tamara Báez's boyfriend, was arrested, according to Mauro Szeta
Despre, Tamara Báez’s boyfriend, was arrested, according to Mauro Szeta

The young singer from Lomas de Zamora had made the news last week after Elian Valenzuela’s ex and mother of his daughter Jamaica confirmed that they were together. It was after the young woman began to answer several questions on her social networks. “Would you like to be a mom again?” An Instagram user wanted to know, and she very confidently answered yes: “Obviously. I will never lose the desire to have a real family. And later, due to the growing rumors, her followers asked for “A single photo with him, please” and without hesitation, she shared a photo with the musician.

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The striking thing was that on more than one occasion Despre expressed his admiration for L-Ghent and the latter even said that they contacted each other. “I talked to the crazy guy, everything, and I wish him the best. I told him ‘you have my word and you had it’. Flow anti-entanglement (sic). Forget it”, said the also jury of sing with me now in Partners of Show.

Despre, Javier Desprebiterisis from Lomas de Zamora and has been dabbling in the genre for just over a year. Since he was a child he was attracted by the competitions of freestyle -as a spectator and not as a competitor- and the audio of the boom-bap, something that naturally decanted in this present that has him as one of the new references of the rkt. “Tumbando la brea rkt”, “Anti Sapo rkt” and “Malla y calor” are some of the songs that he released this year.

“The stage name comes from part of my last name, my colleagues began to tell me Despre because it was complicated for them ”, he told a while ago on the site Urban Way where he recalled that he started making music as a way to free himself from “the bondis at home”: “I wrote and did boom bap; It was at the age of 12, when rap compes began. It wasn’t so much about competing, because they didn’t make me the second, that’s when they started Dtoke, Sony and others. That’s when I started shooting free and I started to put out my songs”.

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In 2021 he released the song “all hill”, and it was a total success, immediately reaching 700 thousand views: “It was the first boom, it was crazy; piola was positioned in the algorithms. We started playing with it, because with my friends we listened to the remixes and consumed that, and we said ‘how would it be for us to do it’. That’s where she exploded.”

In that talk, he was talking about his current girlfriend’s ex: “L-Gante was the one who stood up for the genre, a lot of new people are coming out thanks to him. He places a lot of value on the creator. They were very up-front with cumbia 420, bringing up song after song until you break the piñata.”

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They arrested Despre, the boyfriend of Tamara Báez, ex-L-Ghent