These movie musical groups should have been real

Forget the score and the soundtrack of the movies: here we are talking about the rock, blues, metal and punk bands that are formed within the story and then give us spectacular songs. All of these groups really should have jumped from fiction to reality.

one School of Rock

Comprised of a phenomenally talented group of young men and the outrageously charismatic Jack Black, the band explodes with impressive energy. It makes you want to see one of their recitals live.

All of you who have had the pleasure of seeing this film will no doubt find it impossible not to sing along with step-off, Legend Of The Rentor his interpretation of It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll) from AC DC.

two Jesus And The Brides Of Dracula

Alone in the dream world of Under The Silver Lake from David Robert Mitchell there may be a band by the name of Jesus and the Brides of Dracula. The title alone makes you want to see them live.

Starting with a warm melody, the track we hear from them then changes to a serene tone with strange lyrics. The song perfectly matches the wacky vibe of the film and we have the visionary composer to thank. disaster (also know as Richard Vreland)

3 Stillwater

Based on the director’s own experiences Cameron Crowe as a young journalist covering Led Zeppelin, eagles Y Lynyrd Skynyrd, Almost Famous works as an excellent examination of fame and image, but there’s also a lot to be said for the music he makes Stillwaterthe main band of the film.

A Stillwater It’s not without its problems, and they represent why the ’70s were such a great decade for music. Featuring songs written by music legends Peter Frampton Y Nancy Wilsonprove that rock is a timeless classic.

4 skullfucker

With that name it couldn’t be anything other than a metal band. This is the most recent on the list as it appeared on metal lordsthe new movie Netflix. It is a trio and their energy on stage is contagious.

The group performs a spectacular version of War Pigs from Black Sabbath and then they have a great original song called Machinery of Storm. The addition of a cellist brings a refreshing dimension to the music.

5 The Blues Brothers

Beginning his life as a comedy act in Saturday night Live at the end of the years 70it was not until it was released The Blues Brothers that the soul band was immortalized.

Formed by the comedy duo John Belushi Y Dan Aykroyd What Jake Y Elwood Blues, the film offers dazzling musical performances. The voice of belushi is very recognizable, the harmonica of elwood is fantastic and those who accompany them make their shows memorable.

6 Sex Bob Omb

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World from Edgar Wright does many things well, but without a doubt one of the best is Sex Bob Omb. The band was inspired by the sounds of Beckwho wrote and produced several tracks for the film.

Songs like We Are Sex Bob-Ombwhich accompanies the film’s opening credits, and “Garbage Truck” perfectly match the alternative indie world in which the film is set.

7 The Fabulous Stains

This group of young rebels are the essence of the punk movement, with their music amplifying its radical message during this era. They can barely play their instruments at their first show, but they couldn’t care less.

With themes like waste of time Y The Professionals being their unbridled anthems for the musical revolution. The legacy of this fictional band inspired the scene riot grrl of real life. brat mobile, Bikini Kill Y Courtney Love have cited this band as inspirations.

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These movie musical groups should have been real