These are all the rules that Morena’s “corcholatas” must follow

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The National Council of Morena met this Sunday to establish the bases to choose its next candidate who will represent the party in the 2024 presidential elections.

After a long cork walkway, Alfonso Durazo, governor of Sonora and president of the National Council of Morena, reported that the following was approved:

  • The Green and Labor Party may propose an applicant -a place for which the legislators Gerardo Fernández Noroña and Manuel Velasco are already more than ‘appointed’. In the end There can only be a total of 6 candidates.
  • A total of five surveys will be conducted.four proposals by the applicants and one internal from Morena.
  • The National Council of Morena also determined that all candidates must resign the following week, between Monday and Friday.
  • Candidates must present their formal intention to participate and the resignation from their positions as a deadline of June 16.
  • The corcholatas will be able to make their tours of the country between June 19 and August 27. During all this time, they will be prohibited from making statements about the process.
  • The winner of the polls will be announced on September 6.

Mario Delgado, leader of Morena, assured that the famous ‘finger’ was buried, as he announced that the previously written bases will give clarity and transparency to the election process.

Delgado also stressed that all the applicants present -Claudia Sheibaum, head of Government of CDMX; Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard; Adán Augusto López, Secretary of the Interior: and the leader of Morena in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal- agree with the agreed rules.

Legislators Gerardo Fernández Noroña and Manuel Velasco were also present at the council session. However, his parties, Labor and Green Ecologist, will still have to discuss and test their candidacies so that they can become official candidates.

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These are all the rules that Morena’s “corcholatas” must follow