The Zorrilla Theater receives 2022 with a New Year’s Concert

The Zorrilla Theater of Valladolid received 2022 with a New Year’s Concert by the hand of the European Symphony Orquesa, together with the Belarusian violinist Elina Sitnikava.

Formed by musicians from the national orchestras of Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania and Spain, the main group has a long international trajectory in the interpretation of Christmas season concerts.

The Europen Symphony Orchestra has performed in many European cities, mainly France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Spain and Denmark. She has been closely linked to prestigious musicians and directors … Alexandre Samueli, Michael Agafita, Nicolae Dohotaru, Alexey Baklan, Vladimir Sirenko, Elisa Gómez and José Escandell, among others.

Its concert programs are varied, ranging from the great Classical composers: Beethoven, Mozart, Dvorak, Brahms, Debussy, Mahler, Tchaikovski, Musorgski, Borodin, Rimski-Korsakov and, of course, the best-known works of the Strauss brothers. .The Blue Danube, The Vienna Woods, Voices of Spring, The Radetzki March … etc.

The concert will feature the famous violinist Elina Sitnikava, born in Minsk in 1990 and who began playing the violin at the age of five with Professor Lev Kuleshov.

In a year he already made his first performance in the Great Hall of the Belarusian Philharmonic and, shortly after, made his debut as a soloist playing ‘The Four Seasons’ by Vivaldi with the Minsk Chamber Orchestra.

During the following years she was invited to play concerts by Mozart, Vietan, Paganini … with the Belarusian National Symphony and Chamber Orchestras, Lviv Symphony Orchestra (Ukraine), Promusica Orchestra and Unicaja (Spain).

During her studies at Belarusian Republican Music College, with Professor Eduard Kuchinski, she was awarded the First Prize of the International Competition in Chisinau, Moldávia, and the Second Prizes of the International Competitions in Kiev (Ukraine) and Minsk (Belarus).

He has also made recordings for Belarusian National Radio and Television. In 2011 he moved to Madrid to continue improving at the Reina Sofía School of Music, with the legendary professor Zakhar Bron, with the highest qualifications and obtaining the Albéniz Foundation and MAEC-AECID Scholarships.

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The Zorrilla Theater receives 2022 with a New Year’s Concert