The wife of a Hispanic singer is shot dead and he is wounded

(TELEMUNDO ATLANTA).- Ana Marcela Calderón González, 38 years old and wife of singer John Alejandro Jerez Chacón, was shot to death in a robbery where he was wounded.

Four armed men who were traveling on two motorcycles intercepted the taxi where Ana Calderón and her husband Jhon Jerez were traveling to assault them, which ended with a tragic balance in Colombia.

According to a report published by the newspaper Mirror This Tuesday, the couple had just withdrawn approximately $3,100 from a bank on November 10.

The newspaper detailed that, according to reports, they first withdrew some 1,100 dollars (5.4 million Colombian pesos) from an ATM located in Parque Principal in Floridablanca, Colombian department of Santander. Later, they traveled to the Homecenter in Bucaramanga to sell their BMW car to a couple.

The cost of the car was paid to Ana Calderón and John Jerez by electronic transfer and then they went to a Bancolombia office in Bucaramanga to withdraw another 2,000 dollars. From there they took a taxi to another bank in Cabecera del Llano to make a cash payment, the Mirror described.

And soon after, disaster happened. Eyewitnesses said that four armed robbers traveling on two motorcycles intercepted the couple when the taxi stopped at a traffic light. During the robbery, Ana Calderón and John Jerez were shot and the robbers took their money.

The woman was fatally shot in the abdomen while her husband suffered gunshot wounds to his arms. The taxi driver immediately took the couple to a nearby medical center in Bucaramanga, but the doctors were unable to save her life.

Mirror also reported that the mayor of Bucaramanga, Juan Carlos Cárdenas, announced a reward of just over 2,000 dollars (10 million Colombian pesos) for anyone who presents information that leads to the arrest of the suspects. The police investigation is still ongoing.

John Jerez is a Colombian popular music singer who has performed alongside local celebrities such as Jorge Celedón. He also manages a rural hotel in Sabana de Torres, Santander, where his wife worked as an administrator of social networks.

“I had to see you leave, when I least expected it, when I saw you smile. My beautiful warrior, God have you in your holy glory, “wrote the artist in a post on his Instagram, while in another post he stated:” Cute little monkey. Your beautiful and sweet smile will be our motivation and strength to carry you in our hearts forever.”

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The wife of a Hispanic singer is shot dead and he is wounded