The weekend concerts: Morat, Camela, Camilo, Maika Makovski, Lädies Crüe, Mujeres …


Friday 17th, Bilbao, Miribilla, 9pm, from € 28.60 to € 39.60.

Camela: Last Quarter of a Century

Before the pandemic, in 2019, Camela, that is Dioni and Ángeles, released their compilation ‘Rebobinando (25 años)’, 45 tracks as we have on Spotify, and some with guests such as Alaska, Bisbal, Demarco Flamenco, Taburete, Pitingo, Juan Magán … And after the worst of the Chinese covid, this spring they released the single ‘In the pocket of my heart’, whose video featured several collaborations, including Irene Villa, Fernando Romay, Fabiola (Bertín Osborne’s wife), Basque rocker Iñaki López and his wife from Huesca Andrea Ropero, Martita de Graná …

They have declared about the video: «There were more people that we would have liked to put in. But they told us that there was no time to record any more … So many friends have been left out. Those who have come out have given him a lot of love and positive energy ».

And Dioni adds about a future new album where this cordial theme will fit: «It will come out at the end of the year. The other two songs that we have released in the past months will also be coming in. It is how things are done now, advances are made. We are not used to this way of doing things, but it is what it is.

Well, with such baggage from a quarter of a past century, they stop at the ‘Bilbao Musik Fest’, whose organization propagates: “Camela celebrates 25 + 1 (+1) years in music and that well deserves a celebration”.


Saturday 18th, Vitoria, Jimmy Jazz, 12.30h and 20h, 14-16 €

Dead Animals: Chaos and Destruction Returns

The propaganda warns: “Dead animals, chaos and destruction return.” And he continues: «The big group from Zaragoza, who shook the foundations of punk in the 90s, is back on the rampage and wanting to make a lot of noise. Natxo (bass and voice), a founding member, has surrounded himself with the best to lift the group from its own ashes and burn it all again. That collection of songs could not be allowed to fall into oblivion and never be played live again. The line-up is luxurious, he will be accompanied by Ivi (Non Servium) on guitar and second voice, Niño (Non Servium) on drums, and Antonio Vini (Secondary Effects) on second guitar ».

It is assumed that they will give few bowls, that is, take advantage of the opportunity, more knowing that Saturday’s session at eight o’clock has exhausted the anticipated one. And the hands say goodbye, Manolo Kabezabolo’s countrymen: “We are revenge.” Like Liam Neeson, the Irish actor!


Saturday 18th, Vitoria, Urban Rock Concept, doors 7pm, shows 7.30pm, € 12

‘Girls on Fire’: Minifesti femenino

Hosted in the Urban room, the festival ‘Girls on fire / Neskak sutak’, that is, ‘Girls on fire’, was going to be quadruple, but with the fall of the lineup of the Outgravity venues, three bands that were also planned for the edition will participate last year, 2020, the pandemic year. In spring 2019 the same poster was already presented at the Bilborock.

This Saturday after, a year postponement, will participate Delenda Est, who according to the official info has been billing for ten years “metal without preconceived ideas” and will soon release their first album, ‘The Odd One Out’; the Biscayan Enrockecidos will continue, highly influenced by urban punk-rock and who promise “impudence, rock-solid honesty and a lot, a lot of good vibes”; and as headliners, the Lädies Crüe quartet is presented, which, as their baptism suggests, carries an eighties glam roll owed to Mötley Crüe, as they make up a tribute band.


Saturday 18th, Bilbao, Sala BBK, 7pm, € 15 (sold out)

Maika Makovski: As in your third gig

The versatile, polyglot and cosmopolitan Maika Makovski (Palma de Mallorca, 1983) is releasing her 2021 album entitled ‘MKMK’ and whose songs link Velvet with indie and riot grrrls of the 90s. By Saturday the capacity has run out in Bilbao (120 seats, grrrrrr…), but whoever wants to can travel to Madrid on Friday, to the Tomavistas festival, which has asked him about the response of the peña in their current concerts and Maika has responded like this: «Although the public is seated, the fact that the music and the show that we have now are so powerful and so vital suits us all, the band and the public, because the situation in recent times has been so sad that we need music be a revulsive ».

She adds: “I feel like a teenager on her third gig every time. It was something he had disconnected from until all of this happened. And I feel that for the public it is the same, despite everything. A very powerful energy comes to me from behind those masks.

And he ends up recommending bands that he has met in the summer and that have been cool: Amyl & The Sniffers, Pist Idiots, Dry Cleaning, Bahamas, Aldous Harding … We look for them on Spotify … And fuck how cool Sniffers! We will continue to hear from others when we study these …


Saturday 18th, Bilbao, Miribilla, 9pm, € 39.60 (VIP tickets at € 88)

Morat: ‘Please don’t go’ and a score more

Hala, if the tour of the Colombian band Morat is already reviewed in Wikipedia, the one that in Bilbao went from playing at the Cotton Club to filling Txurdinaga’s Parque Europa at parties. We copy from the Wiki in Spanish: «’Where are we going? Tour ‘is the new concert tour of the Colombian band Morat, developed after the success of their previous tours, as well as the singles that have been released in recent times:’ Where are we going ‘,’ No termino ‘,’ Under the table ‘or’ Al aire ‘, among others ».

Yes, because it does not refer to the most recent, ‘It smells like a goal’. The Wiki continues: «The Latin band embarks on this tour as a promotion for their new and long-awaited studio album: ‘Where are we going?’ (published in July 2021), assuming their return to the stage after the COVID-19 pandemic that forced them to stop in their tracks. This tour started the last week of July in the Spanish city of Valencia, just two weeks after the official launch of the album that gives it its name. So far, concerts have been announced both in Spain during the summer and in the United States during the month of October ».

Yes, Morat (Bogotá, 2011) will pass through Valencia, Marbella, Medellín (Extremadura, not that of their country), Chiclana de la Frontera, Cerdanya (Gerona, not the Italian island), Calella de Palafrugell, Marbella again, Linares, Palencia (in the Plaza de Toros), Tomares, Córdoba (in another arena), Illescas, Barcelona (Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium), Madrid (WiZink Center), this Thursday in Logroño (Plaza de Toros La Ribera), on Saturday in Bilbao , and in order not to lower the level, they will continue in the USA: Los Angeles, San Diego, San José, Anaheim, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Houston, McAllen, Laredo, Chicago, New York, Atlanta and Miami on October 24, 2021.

Morat are playing a dozen past songs like ‘Where are we going’, ‘Love with ice’, ‘There’s nothing more to talk about’, ‘I have a feeling’, ‘My luck’, ‘Please don’t go’ (hum… for the headline ), ‘Fall in love with someone else’, ‘Idiot’, ‘The spell’, ‘Under the table’, ‘I don’t deserve to go back’, ‘When love escapes’, ‘Remember me’, ‘Learn to love you’ , ‘When nobody sees’, ‘Kisses in war’, ‘How dare you’ …


Domingo 19, Vitoria, Urban Rock Concept, shows 17.30 h y 20 h, 12 €

Professor Cunningham & His Old School: Swing de las antípodas

Australian vocalist, saxophonist and clarinetist Adrian Cunningham lives in New York, he swings (‘On the sunny side of the street’, other songs by Louis Prima, several from the Disney libretto …) and goes on a Spanish tour leading a combo completed by Dani Alonso (trombone), Gerard Nieto (piano), Pere Loewe (double bass) and Martí Elías (drums). According to the promotion, they have “presented with unmatched energy a repertoire that ranges from early jazz and the birth of swing to the soulful rhythm and blues of New Orleans.”

Professor Rula with this project since 2012 and has already performed from USA (Blue Note Jazz Fest in New York) to Australia (Melbourne Intl Jazz Fest), from Italy (Swing Crash in Como) to Spain (Barswingona, or Barcelona Swing Festival ). Ah, in 2017 he was in Bermeo and uploaded a central and medieval photo to his Facebook that read: «A beautiful fishing village. It looks better than it smells. And now is when we make kangaroo jokes eating fish & chips.

Ah, the photo we use is from that same 2017 in San Sebastián, also with the drummer Martí Elías, a Catalan who lives in Vitoria. This weekend they will give four bowls in Euskadi: Friday in Mondragón, Saturday in San Sebastián (to dance, a lindy hop session, as they call them now), plus two shows in Vitoria on Sunday (attention that the second show has sold out in anticipated and that is why the other bolus has been programmed).


Sunday 18, Bilbao, BBK Room, 8 pm, € 15.

Women: In the ‘BBK Autumn Sounds’

The three nice boys in the photo are the Women, as they refer to themselves. They are Catalan Spanish singers and they will give the second gig of the thirteen of the cycle ‘BBK Udazken Soinuak’ (BBK autumnal sounds), which will last until December 23 at the Sala BBK on Bilbao’s Gran Vía. We copy here for the second and last time (ahem, perhaps the penultimate) the organization’s propaganda: «From the indie rock of Kokoshca, to the urban techno-trap of Soto Asa, which open and close the cycle respectively, BBK Udazken Soinuak offers a great sound diversity with the lysergic Rufus T. Firefly, the psychedelic pop of Los Estanques, a large representation of the different faces of rock with the Basque label at the hands of Niña Coyote eta Chico Tornado, Ezpalak, Lukiek and TOC, distinguished representatives of current indie like Mujeres, the beautiful songs of Bruna, the impudence of the funny Mexican Axolotes and La Plata in the same evening, and singer-songwriters who touch the heart like the renowned Marwán and the ex-OT contestant Anne Lukin ».

We already saw the Women on their previous visit to Bilbao, in October 2020 in La Ribera, on the occasion of the two-day mini-festival Hirian, where they gave a cool 75-minute gig for 20 songs whose review we titled ’20 strokes of affection ‘relating it with the disc they were reporting. Now they have a new album, a four-track EP with guests, namely: Carolina Durante, Los Punsetes, Nueva Vulcano and Cariño, that is, everyone is ready.


Sunday 18, Bilbao, Miribilla, doors 8pm, show 9pm, from € 41.50 (sold out).

Camilo: All sold

Colombian like Morat is Camilo, a Latin singer and quite a reggaeton but organic of worldwide success. He counts by tens of millions the views of his videos on YouTube (‘Millions’, the African ‘Kesi’ …), by hundreds of millions his auditions on Spotify (‘Rich life’) and has exhausted the anticipated capacity of the Miribilla pavilion for this Sunday. Camilo has spent the summer on a Spanish tour: he started it on July 7 in Murcia and, after passing through Mallorca, Cádiz, Tarragona, Marbella, the Canary Islands, Zaragoza, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​among other places, he will finish it this weekend with a skittle. on Saturday in Avilés and another on Sunday in Bilbao, both with sold-out capacity.

Camilo Echeverry Correa (Medellín, 27 years old) affirms that he was born as an artist: «At 2 and a half years old I picked up an old guitar that was in my house for the first time and I began to take notes similar to those I heard in the songs of Mercedes Sosa , Guillermo Portabales and many others who had marked my childhood. He copied everything that produced sound on the guitar. My size and bearing did not allow me to play it in the traditional position, therefore I laid it on my legs, like a piano ».

And at the age of five his family moved to Montería, in the Colombian Caribbean, and there he lived an immersion in vallenato, porro, cumbia and other Latin and Afro folkloric rhythms that permeate his repertoire. And luckily the city of Montería passed the Factor X television contest to hold auditions among the peasantry. Camilo was selected and in the end he won the 2007 edition beating 12,000 applicants. His first album was ‘Regálame tu corazón’, released in 2008, and the single that underpinned him as a new figure was ‘Enamorado de ti’. He’s almost forgotten about those little steps …

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